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A New Way to Get to Know Quore

June 3rd, 2020

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A New Way to Get to Know Quore

In addition to having a dedicated Success Team ready to help whenever our customers need it, we also provide easy-to-follow educational materials through our exclusive customer knowledge base: Quore Learn. And because we know everyone learns differently, Quore Learn offers a variety of both written and visual training materials, including video lessons, so you can educate yourself on how to use Quore however you learn best. 

Now, with our new e-learning modules, you can take your team’s Quore education to a whole new level. These guides provide you and your team with an interactive way to get a grasp on how to use Quore’s solutions. With step-by-step walkthroughs, quizzes, visual navigation examples and more, these guides give you a hands-on training experience that you and your team can work through whenever you need to, as you find the time. 

Master Quore in Digestible Bits

Each e-learning guide is divided into digestible sections, or chapters, of information, organized by what you need to know first and what you’ll need to know later. You can work through each section at your own pace and take breaks between chapters as needed. You can revisit sections for practice or to remind yourself how something works, too. 

Educate Across Departments 

Our latest e-learning lessons are specially made for each hotel department so you can easily assign out a lesson plan for your team, and they can get started with ease. This also makes it simple to educate and designate a Quore champion—someone who can help lead the charge in adoption and use of our solutions when you’re first rolling out Quore at your hotel. 

Learn with Context 

The new e-learning lessons walk you through everything from how to log in to how to create a Work Order or manage a Guest Request. Product screenshots allow you to easily see each step of how to complete things in Quore and follow along. And with detailed visuals for in-app navigation, your team is able to click through our product features and quickly discover how our included apps function. 

Quiz Yourself as You Go 

Each e-learning module includes chapters with clear explanations and knowledge checks so you can test your new skills as you learn. With real world examples, quizzes and digital flashcards, you’ll be able to ensure that you and your team have a thorough understanding of each section before you move on to the next one. 

Get More from Quore with On-Demand Education 

Between our new e-learning offerings, our team of Hotel Success Specialists, the Quore Learn knowledge base, and our social Q-Tips, there are so many ways that you and your team can get to know our product and set yourself up to meet your goals with Quore. These on-demand methods of education allow you to get to know Quore how you learn best. And since they’re always accessible from within your Quore account, you can take a moment to click through our training materials with no pressure, whenever you find the time. 

Check out all these training materials and more by logging into your Quore account and heading to Quore Learn via the question mark icon in the navigation bar! Or click this link and log into your account to head directly to our educational offerings. For the latest about our product, our industry and our company, take a look at our other blog posts.

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