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More Android Updates Coming Your Way

May 29th, 2019

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More Android Updates Coming Your Way

emember in January when we brought you some exciting new improvements for the Quore Android app? Well, we’ve added even more awesomeness for Android users since then! So make sure to update your Android device so you have the latest and greatest user experience. Check out the specifics below.

Upload Multiple Photos

Now you can upload multiple photos to work orders and Lost and Found entries to make sure that anyone viewing the logs has all the information they need.

In-App Update Notices

Stay up to date on the latest Android releases with new in-app update notifications. You’ll always know when a new version of the app is ready for download, so you can have the best Quore experience.

Calendar Updates & Fixes

We polished out an issue some users were experiencing with viewing their Quore Calendar! Now it appears as expected, so you get what you came for.

Need a little extra guidance as you explore the Quore mobile app? You can quickly access our best practices by selecting “App Tips and Tricks” from the Help and Support section. You can also access more Quore Learn content from there to really become a Quore power user!

Stay Logged in When You Close the App

On personal devices, you can now close the app and remain logged in for up to eight hours (or until you press “Log Out”) – no more logging back in every time you reopen the mobile app. For security purposes, if you’re using a Hotel Shared Device, you will be prompted to enter your Quore ID and password after the app has been closed.

Don’t Forget to Download the Latest Version

To use the most up-to-date version of our app, visit our Google Play Store page and update or download the Quore mobile app today! To see more of what Quore has to offer, visit us at quore.com or check out our other blog posts.

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