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Better Inventory—Add, Edit & Move With Ease

February 27th, 2019

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Better Inventory—Add, Edit & Move With Ease

Quick edits, mass additions, and improved workflows-oh my! That’s right, we’ve updated our Inventory app to make maintaining inventory easier than ever. And our support team couldn’t be more thrilled!

With these new enhancements, inventory management is streamlined so you’ll save time and stress less about updating, adding, or moving items, big or small. But enough anticipation, let us show you all the cool new features in our Inventory app.

+New Item Bulk Add

We realize adding items such as TVs to each individual room at your property was once tedious-but not anymore! An improved +New Item workflow makes adding assets fast and painless.

You can add a single item to one area or multiple areas, change or edit item information, like warranty and installation dates, without the hassle and save time overall with mass additions and bulk-add workflows.

In-Line Quick Edits

Edit inventory details directly from the inventory table. Click into individual cells or lines to immediately change item details so assets are updated in a flash!

Item Movement

Move an item from one area or section of your hotel to another-while still retaining all historic data attached to the item! You can move an item using quick edits or in the Item Details page, making inventory accuracy easier to maintain.

Improved Inventory Makes Us All Happier

These enhanced features and improved workflows save us all more time. Can you see why we’re excited about this? Our latest inventory updates allow you to manage your assets more efficiently and effectively. Plus we’ve made adding new items to individual rooms simpler!

We’re so excited to share these updates with you. And be sure to stay tuned, because we’re always improving Quore-just for you (and our support team, too).

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