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How to Use Quore to Manage Coronavirus Protocol

March 11th, 2020

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How to Use Quore to Manage Coronavirus Protocol

As concerns about the coronavirus grow globally, large brands within the hospitality industry are deploying protocols and cleaning standards to take precautions against COVID-19 spreading. Quore helps to track and monitor cleanings and keep staff informed on the latest news—so that you can lower the risk involved for your staff and guests. 

To verify that you’re in compliance with your brand’s standards for emergency protocol, here are 4 ways to utilize Quore to communicate, document and monitor: 

1. Create a property-specific COVID-19 checklist.

Since no two hotels are alike, creating a checklist specific to your property will ensure each existing asset, amenity and area is cleaned according to your COVID-19 standards. As to not interfere with existing brand specific QA Cleaning requirements, we recommend creating an Inspection template to ensure that you’re executing on all new virus-related protocols. Learn how to create an Inspection checklist.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve created a new Inspection checklist and performed the Inspection in Quore, visit the Records tab within the Inspections app on Desktop. There, you can generate a report from the Inspection by clicking “Record,” then save it as a PDF. You can share this with your supervisors, above-property management or even a concerned guest. 

2. Show your work with comments & Records.

You are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but if you are relaying the information through a radio or paper document, how will the next shift know? Whether it’s for your boss, their boss, QA or the health department, putting it in Quore will provide that visibility. Use the comment sections on Cleanings, Work Orders and Requests as an easy way to document our work. Some of our hotels say, “If it’s not in Quore, it didn’t happen,” and with the threat of the newest coronavirus, that has never been more true. Everything you do in Quore is stored in one of the respective app’s Records section, in addition to our Reports app. Maintain all information in Quore to verify that your property is taking every precaution to keep guests and staff safe.

Pro Tip: Our Inspections and PMs apps allow you to add comments for each individual line item for more details or context. Simply tap the line item to get a comments box—or you can click the Add Photo button to provide additional context and clarity. One suggestion is to write “COVID-19 PROT” in the comments for coronavirus protocol so that everyone knows extra steps were taken—here’s how.  

3. Use the Log Book & Mail for important health & safety updates.

If you need to communicate something to the entire staff regarding their safety and the safety of guests, the Log Book will ensure that the updates are documented. Or, to give every user in your hotel an immediate notification, you can post important health or safety updates using the messages or memo feature in the Mail app. Read more about creating a Log here or how to send a memo here

4. Store protocols & procedures in the Documents app. 

Our Documents app allows you to upload documents containing important policies, protocols and procedures so you have one place to look for all of that need-to-know information. Whether it’s a document from your brand or instructions for thorough handwashing, you can make it visible to your entire team in Quore. Here’s how to upload a file to the Documents app.

We are keeping an eye on the news and hope to be a resource for our customers as you navigate the safety and well-being of your guests and teams. As always, our Support team is available 24/7 to address your questions and concerns. Please let us know if we can help you and your team navigate any additional protocols and procedures. 

Additional resources:

First and foremost, the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization are the primary sources of reliable information on this topic. The Environmental Protection Agency has also put together a list of cleaning supplies approved for use against the virus

AAHOA and their “partners at Ecolab have put together a webinar, Public Health Matters: Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19), and fact sheet that outline specific steps hotel owners and operators should take to minimize the risk of the virus spreading at their properties.” We encourage you to take a look! 

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