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Efficient to His Quore: A Webinar Wrap-up with Founder Scott Schaedle

June 14th, 2019

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Efficient to His Quore: A Webinar Wrap-up with Founder Scott Schaedle

We couldn’t believe the response to our first ever webinar and live Q&A! So many of you took time out of your day to listen to Quore founder Scott Schaedle talk a little bit about our company, our history and our vision for hospitality, and we can’t thank you enough. If you didn’t catch the webinar live, you can watch our interview with Scott here:

Still have some questions or want to dive deeper into some answers? Take a look at our brief Q&A wrap-up below!

How do you build and develop talent? What efforts are you currently practicing to engage and retain employees? What does culture mean to you and how do you ensure your culture is maintained with everyone at Quore?

One of the most important things in engaging and retaining employees is to help them take their passion and make it more than just a job-help them make it into a career. Offer them opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and provide lasting value.

And, to maintain a culture of engagement, retention and collaboration, hire with your company values in mind. Here at Quore, we have a set of values that we consider when evaluating every candidate, and we hire people that we feel best emulate those values. This ensures that we maintain our company culture as we grow.

“How can I find out what’s new with Quore?”

The best place to look for what’s new with Quore is right here on our Quore Blog! Some of the highlights recently include:

  • Mobile updates and reporting improvements
  • User experience enhancements
  • Inventory updates
  • Streamlined workflows and enhanced customization

Check our release notes regularly to get a quick look at all the recent enhancements, and follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to be updated on the latest product blog posts.

“What are some common misconceptions about Quore?”

One of the common misconceptions about our product is that it’s only for guest services or preventative maintenance. But one of the biggest benefits of Quore is that it’s actually for everyone at your hotel. You can do everything from record pool and boiler readings to track employee attendance.

We offer features for everyone from front desk attendants to above-property managers, and we’re constantly enhancing and adding to Quore’s toolbelt.

“Can Quore help smaller, boutique hotels? Or only larger chain hotels?”

We believe that all hotels have similar problems, no matter the size.

As such, we don’t just offer features for everyone at your hotel-we offer features for every hotel. From small, independent operations and select service properties to full-service portfolios, we’ve got a solution for you and your team. From the beginning we set out to help everyone at every hotel improve the way that they work, so we build our products to be accessible and customizable, no matter what your needs are.

“Is there anything else you can tell us about what’s coming next for Quore?”

Since we’re always taking your suggestions into account, we’re constantly working toward improving things and adding things that our customers want. Our goal at Quore has always been-and continues to be-to streamline our users’ day-to-day, to make their jobs a little easier. So everything that’s coming next is in an effort to cater to your needs and make our solutions more useful and more helpful.

Will Quore ever be an app for Apple Watch?

Wearable technology is incredibly exciting for everyone here at Quore-and especially exciting for users who are running around a hotel all day! We don’t have a timeline for bringing Quore to wearable tech right now, but it’s something that we’re actively looking into and trying to make a reality as we work toward improving our services. So, the short answer is: someday.

“How do you suggest we send in suggestions for making certain aspects of Quore better?”

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions-that’s how we continue to better our products. The best way to reach out to Quore with your suggestions or feedback is to contact our support team via email or phone at 1-877-974-9774.

“Will the app ever save login credentials so you don’t have to re-enter information every time? Or will you have Face ID login?”

We’re working on that right now! We know how frustrating it can be to have to log in again every time you close your app. Of course, if you’re using Quore on a shared device you’ll likely still need to log in when you close the app for security reasons. But, on personal devices, we’re working to make sure you have the ability to log in with ease and stay logged in when you need to.

“Will Quore ever be compatible with Amazon devices?”

We’re looking into integrating our products and services with Amazon devices. As with wearable technology, we don’t have a set timeline yet for when this will be available. Check in on our blog or social channels to be notified on the latest updates!

Thanks for Joining Us

We were extremely excited by the response to this webinar-we actually didn’t anticipate so many of you attend! We scheduled the amount of time that we did in anticipation of a smaller response, so we apologize for not being able to get to interact with all of you. We can’t wait for the next opportunity to talk to you, and we’ve taken notes on your feedback to make our next webinar even better. In the meantime, if you’d like to find more about Quore, visit our website or contact us to dive a little deeper.

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