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Finesse at the Front Desk

May 3rd, 2018

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Finesse at the Front Desk

Finesse James, Front Desk Agent at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville, utilizes Quore to help keep track of room notices for check-ins and checkouts and to keep other staff members informed. The most important part of her job is listening to the guest and with Quore, she can relay that information to other departments the moment it happens.

“Quore synchronizes efforts across the hotel.”
— Finesse James, Front Desk Agent, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville

Quore: Can you tell me about how do you use Quore for your day-to-day job?

Finesse: I would say it’s a great communication avenue. When we have guests that have checked out early or late, rooms that are vacant but dirty and need to be cleaned for the next guest, we have to make sure that is being communicated to everyone. So it’s a great tool for us at the front desk to stay in touch with everyone else in other departments.

Quore: What do you enjoy most about using Quore?

Finesse: I don’t have to write everything down. I can just put it in right then and there. I can also go back later and pull it up to reference the memo.

Quore: What is the most stressful thing about working at the front desk of a hotel?

Finesse: I would have to say, getting all the backlash for complaints when it’s not really your fault, or it is out of your control. You’re the person that the guest is interacting with, so you get the mean and the nice.

Quore: What do you love about working at the front desk?

Finesse: I love the people interaction. You never know who you’re going to come in contact with. You meet people from all over. It’s a cool way to learn new cultural things.

Quore: You meet celebrities?

Finesse: No! I haven’t met any yet, sadly. I guess I’m not here on the right days.

Quore: Does Quore factor into the things you love or don’t love? Does it make the problems easier?

Finesse: I think it does play a factor in helping with the communication to the guest. I feel like at our property, the front desk is the main line of communication. We have a hand in everyone’s operations day-to-day so Quore is a big thing for us.

Quore: Does it help with accountability?

Finesse: Everyone has access to it, when we assign things to certain departments, it goes straight to their device. It’s a great method because it can keep us from having to call them when things are busy up here, and we are multitasking, it’s easier to click and type in that we need them to do something. We can put all the specifics in the comments so they don’t need to call and clarify. It really helps keep everyone on the same page.

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Communication is key when it comes to keeping a hotel running efficiently. With Quore, Finesse is able to balance that communication to other departments, and manage the front desk – working smarter, to make her guests happier.

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