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New Log Sheets for Hotel Health and Safety

June 11th, 2020

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New Log Sheets for Hotel Health and Safety

To help ensure the safety of your staff and guests as you begin to open hotel guestrooms, Quore has added two new log sheets to our Logs app! After speaking with our customers about reopening procedures and how we can best help address safety and sanitization concerns, we put together the Restricted Area Log Sheet and the Temperature Log Sheet. These sheets allow you to track health and safety protocols and keep everyone across your property or properties informed, no matter where they are. 

Temperature Log Sheet

Many hotels have let us know they’re implementing temperature screenings to monitor the health of their staff, guests, vendors and visitors. So we updated our Logs app to include the Temperature Log Sheet for tracking staff and/or guest temperatures in real time according to the property’s protocols. From there, management is able to ensure all the appropriate people have had their temperatures checked to comply with property or company policies. 

For example, when a front desk associate arrives for their shift, their temperature can be taken and then logged within the Temperature Log Sheet on the Quore desktop application for later reference. The required fields are “Name” and “Temperature” and temperature can be included as a detailed number, “98.6,” or a text response, “yes” or “no,” to indicate it was taken.

Restricted Area Log Sheet 

We know it’s important that certain areas have restrictions around how many guests or staff members are allowed in the space at a time. The Restricted Area Log Sheet gives your team the ability to sign guests in and out of areas that have capacity restrictions, so you can keep everyone safe and adhere to social distancing recommendations. 

For example, if your property only allows one guest at a time in the fitness room, your front desk team is able to use the Restricted Area Log Sheet on the Quore desktop application to sign them in when they start their workout. They can then sign them out when they’re finished and notify the housekeeping team to clean the room and equipment for the next guest. Keep in mind that, in order to use this log sheet, you’ll need to set up any restricted areas within Quore first

Safer Team, Healthier Guest. 

These new log sheets are automatically available in the Logs app within your Quore account, so you can use them as soon as you need to. Please note that you’ll have to access these sheets from Quore’s desktop application to log information! 

With these sheets, your hotel team can ensure the safest environment possible as you reopen your doors and guestrooms. You’ll be able to keep your entire team informed, across properties and departments, so everyone’s health stays top of mind and you can make sure that everyone is following any COVID-19 health and safety procedures you’ve implemented at your property. 

To learn more about Logs, head over to Quore Learn. To discover what Quore can do for your hotel, visit our website. To get more product and industry insights, check out the rest of our blog!

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