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Guest Expectations Have Evolved—So Should Housekeeping

April 24th, 2019

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Guest Expectations Have Evolved—So Should Housekeeping

Housekeeping is Paramount to Guest Satisfaction

Guest standards for room cleanliness are an important aspect of guest satisfaction. With the rise of travel accessibility and accommodation options, and the increase of technology employed for both, guests expect more from their lodging than ever before.

A study conducted by Phocuswright stated that “online leisure and unmanaged business travel now accounts for 47% of all travel booked in the US” and mobile accounts for 43% of accommodation arrangements. Plus, in a survey conducted by The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), it was found that guests’ use of mobile apps for hotel services increased from 35% in 2016 to 40% in 2018.

Because expectations are high for the modern traveler, sometimes even the smallest things can cause a guest to leave negative reviews. Today’s Hotelier notes, “a stained towel or frayed rug can yield the lowest score on TripAdvisor-one star out of five-with no mention of any other perceived flaws.” Those kinds of scores can really hurt your hotel’s reputation and guest satisfaction scores.

Luckily it’s not just guests that have access to technology that simplifies their lives. There are a number of tools your hotel can employ to ensure that your hotel sparkles, and that your guests get the most out of their stay.

Choosing the Right Solution for Your Hotel

In an evolving hospitality landscape of digital concierges, self check-in, preventative maintenance software and SMS communications, it can seem daunting trying to determine the right solution for your needs. But emerging hospitality technology can significantly up your hotel’s housekeeping game.

It’s no secret that housekeepers have a lot to keep up with. Inefficient paper trails for room breakouts, long delays between cleanings and inspections and employees having to run around the hotel on foot to locate their team are just a few of the things that housekeepers deal with on a day-to-day basis without the aid of modern technology. But new software allows for clearer visualization of guestroom status and staff accountability.

Cloud-based technology syncs up all sorts of information on everything from room breakouts and assignments to historical inspection information. With a digital tool, a housekeeper can document a guestroom work order in real time rather than having to pass the message on to an engineer later. Tools centralize all issues related to a room into one view and connect your team like never before.

When choosing a solution for your property, consider your needs holistically.Think about what problems you want to solve and what you need in a tool before you start to look at your options. Maybe you need a solution to consistently execute preventative maintenance or track capital expenditure approvals as well as housekeeping inspections-or maybe you need a product that offers SMS communication in addition to managing room cleanings (pssst, Quore does all of these things and more).

When you’re ready, you can easily find helpful reviews and ratings on available tools by visiting sites like HotelTechReportthey even put together this helpful Buyer’s Guide on this very topicand Hospitality Technology. These sites offer ratings and overviews that can help you determine what solution is best for your property, or properties, and your staff’s needs.

Cleaner Rooms, Happier Guests-and Happier Teams.

Beyond increased guest satisfaction, housekeeping software ultimately makes it easier for your staff to do their jobs. Digital housekeeping tools give your team the power of instant notifications and in-app messaging to easily stay in contact across one property or many. When your team has the right tools, they have more time to do what they do best, even better!

While you’re looking, we hope you’ll consider us. Quore offers award-winning housekeeping solutions. And we were recently featured by Asian Hospitality for our housekeeping tools. We’ve got a solution for every property!

If you’re interested in learning more about hospitality technology and best practices, check out our other blogs. To learn more about what Quore does for hotels, visit us at quore.com.

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