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Quore: Workflow Management—and More

May 27th, 2020

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Quore: Workflow Management—and More

Digital workflow management tools remain a trending topic in technology. From Asana and Trello to Monday and Jira—there are dozens of digital tools intended to streamline processes and optimize how teams work together. You’ve probably come across one or more of these kinds of solutions. We even use some of these tools at Quore to help manage our own technical processes! 

Quore is one of these tools, too. But what sets our solution apart is our capabilities, especially for the hospitality and service industries. Our solutions allow for enhanced visibility across teams at multiple properties, mobile and desktop notifications for requests and maintenance needs, staff tracking and visualization and so much more.  

Quore was originally designed with hotels in mind, so hospitality users can manage and track everything from work orders and preventative maintenance to cleanings and inspections. With our tools you can also process capital expenditure requests and prepare for budget season in a matter of hours instead of days, or even weeks, on end. So, while Quore is amongst a group of products that help to streamline, track and manage work processes—our features allow your team to customize how they manage work specifically for your field and your goals. 

Inventory, Maintenance & Cleanings—Oh My!  

Quore not only features an easy-to-view, digital To Do list for visualizing and tracking work items, it has specific features like the ability to track inventory at your property, submit work orders and manage cleanings. The Inventory feature allows you to customize your assets to match every detail at your property. 

If you spend the time to log all of your property’s items and assets in the system, you can manage and track asset information such as warranty and serial number and sync up your items with other Quore features. For example, Inventory links up with Quore’s Preventative Maintenance and Work Order features so your team can complete maintenance and track information about specific inventory items. 

Quore’s Work Order tool allows your team to submit, receive and even complete maintenance requests on the go via their personal or provided smart device. With Quore’s Cleanings app, your team can manage custom inspections and deep cleanings, track inspection scores and more. 

Quore also has built-in capabilities for budget and CapEx flows, allowing you to map out your budget and set up approval flows for capital expenditures, so you’ll have everything set up to stay on track for the year—and beyond. And it automatically syncs up with your Inventory, so if you’ve input your asset warranty information and installation dates you can forecast product lifecycle and replacement costs. 

Staff Task Tracking & Management 

Quore allows you to visualize the time it takes for your team to complete cleanings and maintenance so you can give them props when their response times are particularly good or work with them when things are moving a little too slowly. When a request needs to be made, you’ll know who to submit it to since Quore shows you who’s on duty and who’s logged out. That way you can make sure requests are completed in a timely manner. And your team will receive instant notifications from their mobile devices when a new request is submitted so they can address it quickly—especially if it’s a high priority task. 

Beyond Visualization, Beyond the Desk 

Quore takes you and your team’s workflow deskless with our Android and iOS mobile applications. No matter where the job takes you, you’ll have all the information you need to get things done the right way. Whether it’s a work order that needs to be completed or a cleaning inspection that needs to be taken care of, the team can handle it on the go and receive real-time communications about new requests as they come in. 

Quore’s To Do list can easily be accessed and viewed from a mobile device as well, so when one task is completed you and your team can quickly move on to the next item on the list. And since high priority items such as guest requests are automatically placed at the top of the list, everyone can be on the same page as to what needs to be addressed first. 

Work the Way You Want—with Quore

While Quore’s solution is similar to other workflow management options, it stands apart in it’s features for hospitality and service work. With over 30 tools in one solution, and for one price, you and your team are sure to find the solutions you need with Quore.

Don’t settle for using solutions that aren’t made for your industry! We’ve got a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Take a look at how Quore can optimize your workflow by visiting our website! And for more of our industry insights and company stories, check out our other articles on our blog

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