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New Comment, Photo & File Uploads in Quore PMs

October 29th, 2018

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New Comment, Photo & File Uploads in Quore PMs

Preventative Maintenance inspections are the backbone of better asset maintenance at your hotel. When performing an inspection, visual documentation and context are essential for verification or proper follow-up and remediation. That’s why we recently added new comment, file and photo upload capabilities in Quore’s PMs app-to provide you with a faster way to document your work and ensure assets are maintained with accuracy and accountability.

Real-Time Documentation & Accountability

Our customers wanted the ability to upload multiple files, photos and comments to a PM inspection item so they could visually document successful completion of their work and note any additional info. And now this feature is available in Quore on both the desktop and mobile application!

Using your mobile device, simply tap to select a PM inspection item. Use the options menu to upload multiple files or photos at once, in real-time, and in one place. You will immediately see all the images or files that you uploaded attached to that item. You can easily click to preview each file once attached. You can also add comments to keep your team in the loop.

On desktop, you can drag and drop multiple files at once to get your work done faster.

Note: Only standard file types are accepted for uploading: PDF, Word, JPEG, PNG, etc.

More Context for Smarter Problem Solving

When it comes to better problem solving for maintaining assets in your hotel, information is key. That’s why we designed this new feature to speak to other apps, namely Work Orders and Tasks in the To Do app. If a PM item fails, all attachments added to that item in the PMs app will automatically show up in the resulting Work Orders or Tasks, giving your team more context and history, so you can make more informed decisions and better address any issues.

With Quore’s new photo and file upload feature in the PMs app, your engineering team can work smarter so asset maintenance can be completed with more accuracy and accountability.

We hope you enjoy all these new features in Quore! As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team at support@quore.com.

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