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One App, Dozens of Tools

January 15th, 2021

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One App, Dozens of Tools

When you first dive into Quore, you might be looking to solve one specific problem or improve a certain area of your hotel or cross-property workflow. Maybe you signed up because you were interested in our hotel preventative maintenance tools. Or maybe you got the app because you heard about our award-winning Cleanings Plus feature for hotel housekeeping. 

Regardless, there’s so much more you can gain from Quore’s tools! It’s one application that houses many software features—some you may not have even known were at your disposal.  And they’re all included with your Quore account. 

Let’s take a look at some of Quore’s features so you can see how much you’re really getting when you sign up for our solution. 

To Do

Imagine having an easy-to-view, digital to-do list that you can access anytime and anywhere there’s a data connection. Quore delivers just that! The To Do feature in Quore lays out your daily tasks, with guest initiated requests organized at the top of the list so priority is clear. You and your team will be able to quickly and easily work through the day’s to do’s and complete them right from Quore’s desktop or mobile application.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is arguably one of the most important parts of your engineering processes. The Preventative Maintenance feature allows for customizable PM templates and simplified tracking, so your property or properties will always meet hotel brand standards of quality and cleanliness. Plus, Quore paces you for your guestroom PMs telling you how many rooms need to be done each day keeping you on track for the quarter.


Manage custom room inspections, deep cleanings, inspection scores and more with the Quore Cleanings app. It simplifies common housekeeping processes and helps your housekeeping team communicate more effectively. For more hotel housekeeping tools, you can add Cleanings Plus to your account—learn more about Cleanings Plus and get a comparison of how it stands up to the standard Cleaning features here


Quore’s Inspections feature makes routine inspections digital! Logging inspections in Quore will keep you from losing track of paper documents or miscommunicating information, and it can help you get a clearer perspective on any failed items. 


Your inventory is the backbone of your Quore data. It’s where you can customize your assets to match every detail at your hotel. If you spend a little time up front logging all of your hotel items and assets in Quore’s system, you’ll get the most out of our other features. Inventory allows you to manage and track asset information such as warranty and serial number—and it can work with our CapEx to help forecast product life and eventual replacement cost. It also links with our Preventative Maintenance feature so you can complete work orders and track information about specific inventory items. 

Log Book

The Logs feature in Quore allows you to log and pass information across your hotel or properties. It’s a digital log book that helps reduce miscommunications and keeps pass-on information from slipping between the cracks. Clicking on a log entry marks that you’ve read it so the days of initialing next to a post to confirm you’ve seen it are over!


The Complaints feature offers your team a place to log guest complaints and track their resolution. You can even assign complaints to specific team members to make sure that the right person handles the situation. 


With Quore’s Readings app, you can track daily pool, meter and boiler readings, and Quore will even calculate whether your pool is balanced or not based on the readings you enter! You can also tap individual line items to view recent readings or enter new ones.

Rooms Book

The Rooms Book in Quore shows you a breakdown of all the rooms at your hotel and any open issues that are in specific rooms. So if there’s a leaky sink in room 227, the Rooms Book will show within the rooms grid that that room has a leak. It also gives you a historic record of anything that’s happened in that room, so you can be sure your staff knows the room’s history and if anything in the room needs special attention. 


Want to quickly find out what guests complain about the most? Or what asset at our hotel had the most work orders last month? Quore’s reporting features answer these questions and more! If you want to get a full picture of users, maintenance requests, readings, average response times and guest happiness, among other things, our reports provide you clear visibility. You’ll be able to quickly identify areas of improvement or spot repeated issues and determine the best course of action for resolving them. Available with your existing Quore account, you can export these reports from Quore as a .CSV file or a PDF. 

Lost & Found

Quore’s Lost & Found app gives your team a place to track lost or found guest items so that they can quickly get back to their owner. Your team will have access to the Lost & Found repository of information from their Quore accounts, so if a guest reports a missing item to one person, and that item is found by another person, it will be in Quore’s system for easy alignment. Quore’s Lost and Found will flag items after 90 days so you know when it’s time to reduce the clutter!


Quore’s Budget app allows users to set budgets, track revenue streams and plan for hotel expenses. Plus it lets you communicate budget expectations throughout your property or properties. You can visualize specific budgetary commitments by time period to make sure you and your team are making the best business decisions. 


The Directory app gives users the ability to manage employee records, view all active properties and look up local attractions for guests. Logging addresses in Quore’s Directory allows the Front Desk to pull up directions right from the Quore Dashboard and avoid those Google Searches! This lets your team quickly access common information for nearby entertainment or dining options. 


Binders and files leave your team open to the hassles caused by misplaced documents or missing information. But Quore’s Documents feature allows you to house important forms on the cloud, so they’re accessible whenever they’re needed. Plus you can search this repository by keyword so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. 


Track individual expenditures, transactions and payments to vendors and keep detailed records of expenses alongside your general budget using the Checkbook app. 

And There’s Still More to Quore! 

Even this long list of tools doesn’t cover the entirety of all the features you get with your Quore account. We believe we have a solution for every hotel, every management company—every hospitality department. And it all comes in one customizable package to fit your team’s needs. 

To learn more about our products and services, check out our website! Not using our solutions yet but ready to get started? Start your Quore journey now

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