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What’s at Our Quore

June 26th, 2019

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What’s at Our Quore

We’ve always had a set of values at the heart of what we do here at Quore. Ever since we started, our founder, Scott Schaedle, had these values in mind, infusing them into our products and our workplace. This year, we finally spelled these values out in detail. They aren’t different from the values we had when our company first started-they’re just formalized now!

It was a long road, finding the right words to fit our shared vision, but now that we have them clearly defined, we wanted to share them with you and tell you a little bit more about why they’re so important to us. Our values drive who we are now and who we will be. They unite and inspire us to build for smarter teams and happier guests. Plus, they really emulate who we are as a collective and what we look for in individuals.

Before we dive deeper, though, let’s take a look at what these values are today:

Our Quore Values

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We build for the end user.

Our end-user is the housekeeper working long hours, the engineer struggling to communicate, the front desk agent logging dozens of guest requests-those are the lives we’re here to improve.

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We exceed expectations.

We believe there’s a difference between good-enough and great. We strive for excellence in everything we do so that we can deliver beyond what’s expected.

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We solve problems.

We acknowledge when there’s a problem, but we focus on solutions-we’re all about improving the lives of our customers, so if we don’t like the way something works, we fix it!

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We push boundaries.

We don’t think there are any limitations on how awesome our work can be-we challenge ourselves to think outside the box and push past boundaries.

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We lead with passion.

We believe in Quore-if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. We lead with that passion, and we’re honest about how much we care. That’s what sets us apart.

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We celebrate uniqueness.

We believe our differences make us stronger, so we’ll never be ordinary. When we embrace our uniqueness, we work better, build better products and have more fun-together!

Getting to the Quore of It

When we set out to solidify our values, we worked with the business coaches at Petra to dig deeper into what we really wanted to represent at our company. They had our leadership consider specific people, instances and events at our company that exemplified what they wanted to communicate through our values.

This discussion generated a lot of wonderful stories about our team and the type of people who really make Quore. They mentioned Android Developer Daniel Choi, who has challenged leadership and pushed boundaries to explore new visions for our product, and Back End Developer Paula Watt, whose unique style and compassion champions the individualism we encourage as a company, just to name a few.

These stories were used to further demonstrate what we really valued in people we hired and in the environment those individuals were curating. After several discussions, our CEO met with one of our copywriters to work on how to best put these stories into words that represented our Quore values. After drafting out and defining the values represented by these stories and people, our leadership team asked our entire company what they felt about the values and if anything was missing or needed to be improved upon.

From there we made some updates based on company feedback. We even ended up adding a value that the team felt we were missing! Even though these values were always here, now we had words for them. We could officially share them, amplify them with our voice and our product. We wanted to make sure that our values were displayed not only through our actions-we wanted to put them on display for our employees and the world to see.

To start getting our newly defined values out there in the world, first we added them to our new website rollout in early 2019. And, soon after, we immortalized them on the wall in our office, one of the first things you see when you step off the elevators onto our floor (literally putting them on display)!

Down to our Quore

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

We think about our values every day, in every department.

We constantly consider our customers whether we’re making a sales call, fielding support questions, writing a blog post (hey!) or testing code (We build for the end user). We always try to give our customers more than they ask for and give them what they need before they have to ask for it (We exceed expectations). We are on the lookout for problems to solve (We solve problems), and when we find them, we work as hard as we can to fix them, whatever it takes (We push boundaries). We love hotels and the people who work at them, and we’re very driven to make their lives better and their jobs a little easier (We lead with passion).

And, last but not least, we hire people with unique perspectives, styles and backgrounds-quiet people, loud people, people with big smiles and even bigger hearts, people with bright blue hair, people with children, people with beards, people with tattoos, people with dogs… you get the idea. We hire real people, with real ideas and real differences, because we love that everyone is unique (We celebrate uniqueness).

Our Center, Our Heart, Our Quore

Our employees and our office are a testament to these values. Our company was founded with these ideas, even before we could state them all eloquently. Our leadership and our employees have always known these things about Quore.

And that’s what makes this such a special place for the team and for our customers.

Because, at the heart of all of our values, we value YOU.

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