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Quore Aid Program

April 7th, 2020

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Quore Aid Program

s a result of the recent health crisis and the impact on hospitality, Quore put together a program to help properties that are pivoting their operations to support “stopping the spread”. The Quore Aid Program, created specifically for properties that are stepping up to aid their communities, provides access to key Quore features in addition to our dedicated Success Team and Quore Learn.

Our mission has been and will always be to relentlessly innovate and inspire others to do the same in the name of guest service. And now, we’re preparing to do the same for any hotel—or any housing facility—as they accommodate guests in this constantly-changing crisis due to COVID-19. 

Sign up at any time at https://go.quore.com/quoreaid. 

If You’re New Here…

Quore is the world’s leading digital hospitality solution. We streamline the tracking and management of processes, staff and assets to ensure hospitality and housing operations run efficiently and maintain all brand and quality standards for happier guest stays. Since our start in 2012, we’ve grown to support over 4,400 hotels and some of the industry’s largest brands, including IHG, Marriott, Hilton and Choice. There are many day-to-day tasks required to keep operations running smoothly—and it’s important, now more than ever, to document, track and communicate quickly and without contact. 

Whether you’re housing displaced guests, recovering COVID-19 patients or even healthcare workers who are self-isolating for safety, we know this presents a number of new challenges to address. Quore can fill in the gaps by providing mobile-based process management, which will allow your team to track or modify services to meet both the needs of your occupants as well as the requirements of local healthcare authorities. 

How Quore Can Help

While our platform includes over 30 tools to support all elements of hotel operations, we’ve identified those most relevant and adaptable to the current, shifting needs:

1. Cleanings

Ensure you’re meeting all cleaning requirements by documenting and tracking cleaning and sanitation protocols in Quore. Included in the program are new templates to document cleanings based on CDC and OSHA’s publicly accessible best practices, and as such are subject to change. All included templates can be modified to reflect updated and/or mandated procedures at any time based on compliance requirements in your area. Along with our regular Cleanings app, program participants will also have access to our premium Cleanings Plus app that includes features like time tracking, push notifications and special projects.

2. Inspections

Document that you’re performing other necessary safety protocols with Inspections. Make a custom Checklist or Inspection list and complete those lists on the go using Quore. To show your work, you can also generate an Inspection Record PDF to share with those who need to see it.  

3. Centralized Protocols & Procedures

Rapid team communication is essential—utilize Logs to send updated protocols or procedures to your team and keep track of who has viewed that information. Add information as it is received and ensure that everyone stays up to date.

4. Guest Messaging

Check on all occupants with a few taps—zero contact required. Communicate with your guests via text message using Quore’s Connect app to make sure they have everything they need and still remain contact-free. 

You’ll quickly be able to quickly learn how to use Quore as you manage your new processes. In addition to features within Quore, you’ll also have access to our dedicated Quore Success team of product and hospitality experts and detailed online learning resources via our knowledge base, Quore Learn. 

Next Steps

Safety is the number one priority right now—it’s ours, too. Maintaining new standards and protocols digitally will provide a way to communicate without contact and keep your team as safe as possible. By signing up for the Quore Aid Program, you’ll be equipped with tools that help simplify the chaos of these new and changing operations. Visit go.quore.com/quoreaid to sign up

We appreciate those who are willing and able to provide help during these circumstances—we’re here to support you and your work in any way that we can.

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