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Smarter Team, Happier Guest, Together—Whistle + Quore

October 9th, 2019

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Smarter Team, Happier Guest, Together—Whistle + Quore

Smarter Team, Happier Guest, Together—Whistle + Quore

With 54.4% of social media users in the US noting they prefer communicating with a business via digital messaging channels such as email, phone or online chat, it’s easy to see why instant communication methods are quickly becoming the new norm for businesses of all kinds-especially in hospitality.

Luckily, there are products like Whistle ready to quickly and easily bring your hotel into the age of modern guest messaging.

Whistle is a cloud-based solution that enables hotel employees to engage with guests in real-time through SMS and mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Viber. Whistle reports guest engagement rates between 75% and 95%, with many hotels experiencing significant increases in guest service scores within two months of use. And, since hotels are finding that guest messaging can also increase brand loyalty and enhance guest experiences, having a solution like Whistle opens the door to some pretty huge advantages.

With hospitality technology like artificial intelligenceaugmented reality and digital guest services platforms on the rise, guests expect the latest and greatest innovations. And guest messaging is now just one piece of that puzzle-but by utilizing software integrations, your property can take guest experiences that much further.

We’re proud to say that Quore’s cloud-based solutions now seamlessly integrate with Whistle to streamline guest requests and automate hotel processes, so your hotel can offer simplified guest messaging, and more. Messages in Whistle are quickly processed and converted to request items in Quore’s system. From there, your team can receive instant notifications and track processes, reducing response times and increasing efficiency like never before.

Not only will your guests feel more engaged with you and your team, they’ll also receive a higher level of service, which can ultimately lead to increased guest satisfaction scores.

Two Tools-A Natural Complement

“Most of our hotels report about a 10 to 13% increase in guest satisfaction scores within the first few months of using our product,” says Christopher Hovanessian, Cofounder of Whistle. “They also report being able to engage with 3 to 5 times more guests than before using Whistle, versus email, phone, or in-person.”

Quore likewise helps to boost satisfaction scores, quickly address more guests and reduce guest complaints. Our products allow hotel staff to respond to guest needs in real time, with instant notifications and accessible information on everything from work orders to housekeeping requests. So the two solutions were a great fit-both Whistle and Quore reduce manual processes to help streamline hotel workflows.

“Automation has been a big trend within our company,” says Christopher. “We are constantly developing new features to automate our hoteliers’ workflows. So we’re really excited about automating service requests & work orders from within Whistle to Quore.”

Quore and Whistle work together to take guest messaging to the next level. By integrating these two products, mobile requests made through Whistle are sent and processed in Quore, notifying the appropriate staff members about guest needs in real time. For example, if a guest messages your team from their phone letting them know about a broken towel rack in their room, the message is immediately sent to Whistle. Then the message can be instantly processed in Quore as a work order, and your engineer will be notified via Quore on their mobile device.

It works with other guest requests too-if a guest texts your team asking for more towels, a specific time to have their room cleaned, extra shampoo or additional pillows, the request will be sent straight through Whistle to Quore alerting your housekeeping team in a flash.

“Utilizing this integration, the time to dispatch guest requests into Quore decreases, meaning faster completion times. Both the automation and the user not having to leave Whistle ensure that tickets are properly dispatched,” Christopher explains, “Delivering that kind of consistent service to a hotel and their guests is tremendous.”

Your team can customize this integration for your property management system and set up automated, rule-based messages from Whistle, too. You can greet your guest with pre-established welcome messages at checkin, understand their experience with satisfaction surveys after their stay and bid them farewell with checkout communications.

Customizable solutions like Whistle and Quore work together to provide an option for every hotel, every brand-everywhere.

“We think that our two offerings go hand-in-hand-it’s a natural complement. Whistle facilitates guest requests, Quore facilitates the fulfillment,” Christopher says.

Some Things are Just Better Together

Whistle and Quore work together to bring you the best of guest messaging and hospitality service optimization with easy-to-use, easy-to-implement options.

“The Whistle & Quore integration brings a holistic approach to guest services-that is, going full-circle from guest interaction, to guest requests, to fulfillment and back again. On top of that, both platforms provide very robust analytics and reporting, offering key insights to guest and operational trends,” Chris says, adding: “I don’t believe many hotels out there have this kind of elevated competitive advantage-yet.”

Employing products like these gives your team the tools to get their jobs done faster and more efficiently and improve overall processes overtime. Hospitality technology isn’t just about keeping up with the latest trend, it’s about connecting with your guests, working smarter rather than harder and improving your entire hotel along the way. And you can do all of that-with Whistle and Quore.

To learn more about Quore, visit our website or check out our integrations page. To find out more about Whistle, check out their products and services here.

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