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Report, Track, Resolve—Repeat!

December 12th, 2019

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Report, Track, Resolve—Repeat!

While we wish that day-to-day operations would always run smoothly, there are some operational issues—both large and small—that can catch hotels off guard. But, when you’re able to pinpoint exactly where an issue stems from, it’s much easier to ensure that it won’t  happen again. There are so many moving pieces in a hotel, it can be hard to keep track of them all! That’s where the Reports app comes in. As your entire hotel team log daily information into Quore, it is stored so that you can use it to make all kinds of improvements to your daily operations. 

For Every Department

Reports can be utilized by any department in your hotel. These reports provide insights for trend analysis which in turn enables each department to identify key data points that will improve daily operations. Any manager can use Reports to keep track of all hotel tasks, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. As the data is recorded in Quore, they can generate reports for preventative maintenance or even on daily logs like Cash Count. Housekeeping uses Reports to see which guestrooms need some extra care, or your Engineering team can use it to spot a troublesome light issue. A Holiday Inn property in Nashville experienced this firsthand. When they logged complaints in Quore, they were able to notice a trend—many rooms had issues with welcome lights. Once they identified it through Quore and replaced the lights, the property did not receive a single guest complaint about them. Their attention to detail and response to the issue saved their hotel time and money in the long haul.  The use of Reports in any department can determine how you can you make our hotel better, cleaner or more efficient.

New Report Alert!

Quore users can generate a report for Building, Life Safety & Mechanical PMs. This non-guestroom related report allows hotels to allocate the appropriate budgets for maintenance upkeep and staffing needs. This report allows users to pull data points showing what kind of preventative maintenance work has been completed at the property level. From these data points, users are able to gain insight into what type of maintenance needs are being fulfilled along with providing additional clarity into whether that property is meeting their company’s brand standards. In turn, it also helps management to confirm which PM templates have been completed. If management notices a gap, the report provides an opportunity to address it. It’s another way to to monitor trends and determine the best way to get the job done.  

Stay on Track

Reporting is used to identify trends over a period of time, in turn allowing hotels to budget more accurately.  Reports allow your team to stay proactive—spotting small problems before they become larger issues. Additionally, reporting features will enable you and your teams to increase accountability and visibility across the board. If everything is documented and accessible, everyone can stay on the same page. StayNTouch shares, “For a long time hotels did not just underutilize data, but were intimidated by it—the amount of it, and where and how to even begin analyzing and using it. When used effectively, data can provide hoteliers with the opportunity to improve customer interactions, their revenue and the way they run their business.” Generating reports from the data that Quore collects will enable you and your team to increase clarity and improve the way your hotel operates each and every day. 

Your hotel has plenty going on without having to worry about making sure that everything is working as expected. By tracking and monitoring through Quore’s Reports feature, you’ll be able to ensure that you stay on top of it all. No matter which department you’re in, there’s a report that will enable your team to make improvements for an all around better hotel. 

To learn about Quore’s Reports feature and more, visit our website and check out the newly redesigned blog.

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