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Quore is Driving Hotel Employee Engagement

April 10th, 2019

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Quore is Driving Hotel Employee Engagement

Study shows engaging workers via mobile technology makes them more productive; Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville employees share how they are engaging with Quore.

Franklin, Tenn. – April 9, 2019 – Hospitality technology is playing an important role in guest engagement today, but it’s critical that hotel companies don’t overlook the importance of providing robust tools to engage employees as well. Findings from “The New Digital Workplace Divide” show that technology has a vast impact on workplace positivity and retention. The study revealed that: “Workers are looking for agile, modern solutions that support their need to work in different locations or when on the move. Failure to provide mobility-fueled productivity has big consequences for employee satisfaction and motivation – which are driving factors in productivity.”

Employee Engagement Study

This study has big implications for hoteliers, considering that 83% of a hotel’s hourly employees – such as housekeepers and engineers – do not sit behind a desk and don’t have access to more traditional forms of communication like email. The very nature of their jobs is “working remotely” on premises to support guests. Quore, a provider of workforce communication and engineering/housekeeping management technologies, built its cloud-based service optimization platform with the No. 1 goal of driving employee engagement and making the lives of hotel staff and management easier. Quore’s housekeeping, work order automation, preventative maintenance and engineering software is enabling hotel employees to work smarter, so guests stay happier.

“One of the findings from the aforementioned study revealed that ‘32% of employees said the technology they use at work actually makes them proud of their employer,’” said Scott Schaedle, Quore founder and CEO. “That’s a goal that all hoteliers should be striving to attain. Let’s face it, labor retention is a hot topic today. Hoteliers are desperate to find ways to attract front-line employees and keep those employees for not just weeks or months, but for many years.

“What drives us at Quore is the end user,” Schaedle said. “The housekeeper who wants to simplify cleaning; the engineer who wants to streamline asset tracking and preventative maintenance; the front desk attendant who wants to boost guest satisfaction with faster response times to guest requests; and the GM who wants to manage all teams more efficiently and cut spending. Those are the employees Quore wants to support through more efficient communications.”

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville is Engaged with Quore

Before being recently promoted to Chief Engineer at the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs in Tennessee, Zdravko Bengez was a Maintenance Technician at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville. Being engaged with Quore has helped Bengez go from task to task without having to run around the hotel to check in with people on issues. Everything is in the palm of his hand. With Quore, Bengez can see all requests as soon as they come in, right on his mobile device.

“With Quore, I know in seconds what needs to be done,” Bengez said. “I can see what requests the front desk puts in, whether it’s from a supervisor or from a guest. I can check the request from my phone, see what needs to be done and fix it. After it’s done, I can complete the job and close it out. All notes go directly into the app, and I see them in a few seconds. The communication across the hotel helps everyone, but I especially appreciate Quore for helping me to be able to do my job the best way I can.”

Liz Reyes is Assistant Housekeeping Manager at the Nashville hotel. As a Quore user since 2014, she’s an expert in the day-to-day and long-term benefits of using the software. Quore is providing Reyes with a timeline and it helps her get her work get done faster.

“Before I came to the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville, I worked at a hotel that used walkie-talkies. There wasn’t a sense of accountability because it was easy to not write things down,” Reyes said. “With Quore, I have a paper trail. Nothing slips through the cracks. Quore gives the front desk a timeline of when a room is going to be ready. I’m not rushed, and I don’t have people radioing me constantly. Because of Quore, my job is less stressful. All requests that come in are done within 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of request. Guests are satisfied, and that makes me happy.”

Finesse James, Front Desk Agent at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville, uses Quore to help keep track of room notices for check-ins and checkouts and to keep other staff members informed. The most important part of her job, she said, is listening to the guest. She enjoys coming to work every day because Quore helps her make guests happier.

“When we have guests that have checked out early or late, rooms are vacant but dirty and they need to be cleaned for the next guest,” James said. “Quore lets me stay in touch with everyone in the other departments. I can put information into Quore and pull it up later to reference the memo. Getting backlash at the front desk from complaining guests can be stressful. But Quore makes communicating with guests about issues easier. Everyone has access to requests or incident information. Multitasking is so important. I don’t think I could do my job as well if it wasn’t for Quore.”

Before moving to the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs as General Manager, former Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville G.M. Gerald Loughran had this to say about Quore: “We’re religious about putting everything into Quore. If it’s not in Quore, it doesn’t happen. Quore gives us a better way to communicate. With better communication comes a better staff workflow. Today, my team is working smarter thanks to Quore.”

To learn more about Quore or to request a demo, visit www.quore.com.

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Quore is an award-winning provider of workforce communication and engineering/housekeeping management technologies that enable hotels to efficiently run their day-to-day operations and improve the guest experience. With software used by more than half of the top 100 highest-earning hotel management companies in the U.S., Quore is the first solution ever to combine state-of-the-art technology and intuitive design to allow hotels of any size to manage all aspects of the guest experience. Quore supports some of the industry’s largest brands, including IHG, Marriott, Hilton, and Choice, to track work orders, execute preventative maintenance, manage guest requests, improve complaint responsiveness, and create world-class proficiencies in housekeeping. Founded in 2012 by Scott Schaedle, Quore is privately owned and located in Franklin, Tennessee.

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