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Quore Makes its Way Across the Pond

June 15th, 2018

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Quore Makes its Way Across the Pond

Since 2013, Quore has equipped hotels across the U.S. with the tools to work smarter. With over 30 integrated applications within the platform, we’ve helped hotels run their day-to-day operations more efficiently, to save money and increase guest satisfaction. Word spread about our customer’s success far outside of the U.S., and we can proudly say we now work with hoteliers in over 18 countries. After realizing there is a serious interest in Quore around the world, it made sense for us to be closer to those potential customers. So, we are proud to announce the opening of a European headquarters in Manchester, England to help better service our customers from across the pond and beyond.

“Many European hoteliers are well aware of the capabilities of Quore through the enviable reputation it has built in the U.S. market where it is used by the majority of Hotel Management Companies. As demand grew, we felt that the time was right to establish a European presence and make available our products and services with local representation. We are also aware that there are no products currently available in Europe that provide the functionality that Quore does. Progressive hoteliers are looking for tools to help their staff perform their day-to-day tasks more effectively, and Quore is the perfect solution for this. We’re very excited about the opportunities for Quore in Europe and beyond and look forward to earning the same reputation in Europe that we have in America.” — Eric Lunt – Director of Sales, Europe 

Eric Lunt - Director of Sales, Europe
Eric Lunt – Director of Sales, Europe

Quore’s popularity in the States stems from the value that we offer to every staff member in the hotel, from improving communications between guests and staff, streamlining housekeeping managing guest relations, tracking assets and preventative maintenance. Available through an intuitive web interface and a mobile application, Quore can be used by individual staff members, department heads, hotel managers and management companies to track daily activities and access long-term reporting, trends and insights to make smarter business decisions.

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