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Quore Spotlight: Dedicated to Customer Success

January 28th, 2022

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Quore Spotlight: Dedicated to Customer Success

As the Manager of Quore’s Hotel Success Team, Suzanne Perry is dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ experience using Quore exceeds all expectations and truly makes their jobs easier. Suzanne has deep roots in the hospitality industry herself and is sometimes jokingly referred to as Quore’s “unicorn” because her experience is so unique and perfectly tailored to her role here. To find out why, we sat down to chat with Suzanne and learn where her passion for hospitality first began…

Back in high school when Suzanne got a summer job in the Opryland theme park, she had no idea it would be the beginning of a long and gratifying career in the hospitality industry. After a few summers working at the theme park, a job opened up in the Opryland Hotel gift shop. From there, she moved into a position at the hotel’s front desk, and as Suzanne got to know her co-workers and engaged more with the hotel’s customers, she completely fell in love with hotel life. “I just loved all of it,” she says of her time at Opryland. “The staff, the guests… I loved helping families make memories.”

As someone with a natural talent for hospitality, Suzanne quickly worked her way up the ranks at Opryland and has since worked at many different hotels, in a variety of roles, from front desk to housekeeping to management. “I think I just have this ability to build relationships with people and make them feel comfortable,” she explains. She now has over thirty years of hospitality experience! 

Before she came to work here, Suzanne’s first experience with Quore was actually as a user. While she was working at a local Nashville hotel, she sought out a software that could help her team better navigate daily operations, discovered Quore and became the “Quore champion” for her property.

“I’m convinced that Quore helped us improve our customer satisfaction scores,” Suzanne says. She was so impressed with her experience using Quore that when a job opened up to lead our Hotel Success Team, she applied and the rest is history. Suzanne is now a beloved and integral member of Team Quore. 

Due to her vast knowledge of the ins and outs of hotel life, Suzanne knows the challenges hotel staff face every day. She’s been on both sides of Quore’s onboarding process, which is why she’s so perfectly suited for her role as Quore’s Hotel Success Team Manager. The Success Team works directly with Quore users to guide them through their hotel setup process. Success Specialists are also there for customers whenever they need help navigating Quore. 

Quore prides itself on the fact that most of its Success Team members have hospitality experience themselves. There’s an unspoken connection when Quore users realize that the person they’re speaking to on the other end of the phone has worked in a hotel too. Hospitality experience helps Specialists empathize with customers so they understand what they’re going through and how Quore can help. 

“Teamwork is my favorite thing about working at Quore,” Suzanne says. Our fun and welcoming company culture lines up with what she was accustomed to working in hospitality. Suzanne is Quore’s “unicorn” because her experience, work ethic and generous spirit fit so perfectly with our Quore values. Suzanne is passionate about taking care of our customers and making a difference in peoples’ lives, which is exactly what she does here every day.

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