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Quore Spotlight: Exceeding Customer Expectations

February 26th, 2020

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Quore Spotlight: Exceeding Customer Expectations

At Quore, we pride ourselves on our great customer care. We have a fully-staffed, 24/7 Success Team ready to answer any of your questions, help with any concerns and ensure your entire hotel team meets their goals with our solutions. 

But we didn’t start out having our support system all figured out. In the beginning, our team didn’t have the resources we have now—our team had to wear a lot of hats! We were always here when our customers needed us, but we hadn’t fully developed our approach or our Hotel Success Program yet. To do that, we needed a little help. And that’s where Flip Lukens, Quore’s Sr. Director of Customer Experience, came in. 

Flip helped boost our success mindset here at Quore to give our customers the best possible user experience… and the support to back that up. But to get the full picture of how Flip brought Success to Quore, we have to start with his history in training and development. 

From Marketing to Training

Flip went to college to study marketing and economics, but when he got out into the workforce, his love of helping people landed him a job as a Corporate Trainer for a well-known automobile company. In the mid to late nineties, Flip traveled the U.S. and Canada to train internal teams, gathering experience in organizational education and coaching. It was this job that eventually brought him to Tennessee, to pursue the next step in his career with the company. 

After he got to Tennessee, however, he found himself looking for his next challenge: working in Learning and Development supporting a company’s global call center network. It was there that Flip garnered a real respect for the technology side of training and operations. Before he came to Quore, Flip had gathered 16 years of experience supporting the implementation of call centers. 

And it’s this knowledge that he carried with him to his next position: a consulting job at a little startup called Quore.

The Quore of Customer Care

Flip was on the hunt for his next career challenge when an old friend and Quore employee reached out to him. As they talked, his friend mentioned how Quore was looking to formalize their customer service and training offerings. 

Shortly after that conversation, Flip was brought in as a consultant. And, as he worked with the team, he saw a real opportunity to help the company grow and scale. He brought his ideas to Quore Founder & CEO, Scott Schaedle, and the decision was made to bring Flip on full time as part of Team Quore.  

One of Flip’s first realizations after starting at Quore was that product adoption would be more effective if customers were proactively given the tools to immediately start using the product. This way, they could get started on implementing Quore’s solutions for their needs instead of trying to figure it out on their own. 

Before, the team was taking more of a reactive approach to customer care, waiting for the customer to reach out with questions or needs rather than putting a system in place to proactively address best practices and usage tips. The team had begun to roll out a more robust learning platform after hiring Director of Training Drew Smith, but they needed a process in place to help set hotels up for success.

As Flip learned more about Quore’s customer needs, he began putting together the Hotel Success Program, a process by which the Quore Success Team guides hotels through Quore setup to align with their needs and goals. As part of this, he started an initiative to rename the Support Team to the Success Team, to indicate our proactive, success-based approach to customer care. 

Measuring Success

When our customers succeed, Quore succeeds. And the data around Quore’s customer success really speaks for itself. 

Since the beginning of the Success Program, at the end of 2018, the team has onboarded more than 1,125 hotels. Plus 85% of new customers in 2019 said that they would recommend Quore to a friend or colleague. The team also got a 4 star rating for how easy it was to build out their hotel and how helpful their hotel Success Specialist was during this process. 

To top it all off, since the start of the Success Program, the team has seen a 32% increase in medium/high usage of Quore at new hotels! 

Flip leads a team made up of hospitality industry professionals with a collective 90+ years of hospitality experience between them all. They know what they’re talking about when it comes to hotels—and Quore. And Flip’s not just proud of the fact that they support our customers, he’s proud of his team for supporting Team Quore internally as well.

His team helps train our new hires, educate our team when we have new releases, coaches our entire team on what life at a hotel is like and so much more. 

“We’re always willing to help out,” he says, “I can’t even think of a time where we’ve said ‘no we can’t do that.’” 

And the truth is, neither can Team Quore. We’re always so grateful for the help Flip’s team provides. We couldn’t be successful without our Success Team, and Flip is a huge part of that.

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