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Quore Spotlight: Giving Hospitality the Resources It Needs

October 2nd, 2019

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Quore Spotlight: Giving Hospitality the Resources It Needs

Some companies sell you on something and then leave you to figure out the rest by yourself-but we do it a little differently. With Quore, you always have access to live, 24/7 support, which includes trainings and specialized guidance. And, if you’re a larger operation or management company, you might also be assigned an account manager to help ensure you know how to best use Quore to meet your specific goals.

Some larger hotels or management companies with bigger portfolios need a little extra help making sure that they rollout Quore across properties and keep hotel staff engaged. This allows our customers to get the most out of our features. That’s where our Client Account Managers, like Caroline Brannon come in. That means she’s around to set up trainings, walk you through usage reports, establish top priorities for your portfolio and more.

Her background working with people helped lead her to Team Quore! And her experiences have shaped how she helps our customers get the most out of our products.

Training People-from the Gym to the Cloud

Caroline has always been passionate about guiding others. She was a kinesiology major at Mississippi State University, and she worked at the gym on campus. Caroline has been certified as a personal trainer and cardio kickboxing instructor, but her real training passion has been teaching cycling. She’s taught classes ranging in size from 1 person all the way up to 47 people at three different studios over the last six years.

Guiding and instructing people on their fitness journeys translates into what she does at Quore. At the gym, she would assess someone’s personal fitness or health goals and provide them with plans for how to get there. Now, she does the same thing for Quore customers and your hotels-setting goals, guiding you along with our Success team on how to set up your properties in Quore’s cloud-based system and keeping you engaged through the rollout process.

From Sales to Growth

Once your management company signs up for Quore, Caroline works to make sure that you’re happy with our tool and it’s serving your properties’, and management company’s, needs. Her top priority is ensuring that your team knows and understands what’s available to you, such as reporting tools, Success trainings on the product, self-service education on Quore Learn and breakdowns on usage.

Caroline didn’t come in with hospitality experience, but she loves working with, and learning from, the people using our product. And she has a passion for the technical side of our solution, too, one that allows her to communicate and explain best practices to your team.

She interacts with customers on a daily basis. “The best part is telling people how to view something in the app and having you tell me that that knowledge has just changed your life,” she laughs. She says it’s always fun for her showing people how easy it is to use Quore. “I love having one solid product to educate people on,” she says.

But Caroline doesn’t just ensure proper usage-she also helps with the rollout plan and initial implementation. She works with each team to assess individual needs and recommends how to achieve goals. For example, she conducted a webinar with a new management company who was demoing Quore in one of their properties with hopes of rolling out to their entire portfolio the following year. Caroline discussed customizing brand specific Preventative Maintenance templates and how they might manage capital projects using Quore’s CapEx feature.

Caroline also ran a training with another management company who had been using Quore for awhile, showing them how to make their inspection templates smarter and walking them through how Quore’s Inventory speaks to the Preventative Maintenance app. Now, if they fail an item during an inspection, the asset updates in their Quore Inventory and they can better track the work order history for any given asset across all of their properties.

Caroline doesn’t do it all alone though-many times she calls on the Success team to make sure customers get everything they need. In one instance, she partnered with Success to lead a re-rollout for a management company wanting to increase Quore adoption across their portfolio. Caroline collaborated with the management company and Quore Success team to create a training curriculum, specifically to address their priorities. Then, Allison Briggs in Success led a training webinar on those related topics. Caroline continues to monitor the management company’s activity levels and works with them to ensure they have all of the tools they need.

Caroline does all this, and more, for every customer assigned to her! And she’s constantly reassessing goals, priorities and 

Culture That Serves Our Talent & Our Users

“One of the reasons I decided to work for Quore was the culture I saw when I first interviewed,” Caroline says. “When I first came in, our hospitable culture was visible in the amount of people that greeted me or stopped to ask, ‘can I help you?'”

Our team is always looking to help, whether it’s with escorting a visitor to a meeting room or introducing large product improvements to our customers. Our willingness to help shows in pretty much everything we do, and Caroline is a prime example of that. She loves the opportunity to work directly with users, getting your feedback along the way and helping our team to better optimize yours.

So, when your management company signs up for Quore, you get more than a suite of 30+ hospitality tools and a dedicated, 24/7 success team. You’ll get help from rollout through regular usage and everything in between. That’s why we have Client Account Managers like Caroline-to help you navigate the waters from the very beginning and throughout your Quore journey.

Smarter Resources, Happier Management

With the right people backing the right tools, you can streamline your whole portfolio. Caroline and her team are dedicated to just that, so you always have a team of Quore specialists in your corner, ready to help customize our tools for your team. From accountability to quality assurance, Caroline makes sure that her clients know how to use our solutions to get the best results.

Want to learn more about how our product can optimize your properties? Take a look at our website or get started today. And, if you’re looking to better optimize Quore for your needs, take a look at Quore Learn or reach out to our Success team.

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