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Relax Like a Guest: Our Real Customers Take the Spotlight

March 4th, 2024

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Relax Like a Guest: Our Real Customers Take the Spotlight

We’re excited to reveal our 2024 advertising campaign: Relax Like a Guest. The campaign’s focus is highlighting the role of Quore in simplifying the daily tasks of our dedicated hotel customers. Through this campaign, we aim to showcase how users can relax like a guest as Quore has become the secret weapon in their arsenal, propelling them toward success with unparalleled efficiency and ease.  Through this advertising campaign, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of those who have embraced Quore as more than just a tool, but as a trusted companion on their journey towards greater productivity and fulfillment.

From whiteboard to AI to reality

The campaign concept originated in 2022 on the whiteboard of Quore Founder and CEO, Scott Schaedle. This isn’t out of the ordinary. If you know Scott then you know he is driven by design. After all, he does have a degree in Advertising Design and Fine Arts from the Atlanta College of Art and a BFA in Advertising from the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

The concept remained dormant until Team Quore enhanced their skills and expertise, setting the stage for an outstanding campaign. Starting from a simple whiteboard sketch, the team, now larger and more skilled, utilized AI to create a more detailed prototype of the potential campaign. However, a note of caution: the eyes and limbs in the AI-generated designs are purely for inspirational purposes! It was the inventive spirit and teamwork of Team Quore that transformed the initial sketch into a vibrant reality, spotlighting actual Quore users.

Ready for close-ups

Team Quore headed out on location for our photo shoot to capture images and interviews from Quore customers around the Nashville area and put them in scenarios where they can relax like a guest. Come along for the ride as we showcase the charm of our Quore community, one snapshot at a time.

We began at Candlewood Suites in Franklin to capture the faces of Quore behind the front desk, in housekeeping, and management. The Candlewood Suites team welcomed us with open arms to their property where we spent time seeing Quore users in action. We had the opportunity to sit down with members of the Candlewood Suites team for a series of interviews, gaining valuable insights into how they integrate Quore into their daily routines.

We wrapped up the week at the Element Vanderbilt Nashville West End and Hilton Green Hills. We created exaggerated scenes showing how Quore users relax like a guest. Chief Engineers lounged by the pool with beverages, sipped tea in the cafe while housekeepers decompressed with self-care regimens in guestrooms and front office staff released their stress in the gym. Our users’ laid-back vibes and willingness to go the extra mile made all the difference in capturing the perfect images.

Quore can help you relax like a guest

Quore is your ultimate solution for transforming chaos into calm within your hotel operations. With Quore, guest complaints are swiftly resolved, response times for requests are significantly improved, and your team can proactively enchant guests with top-notch service. From submitting work orders on the fly to handling preventive maintenance tasks with ease, and effortlessly monitoring assets through insightful inventory trend analysis, Quore simplifies every aspect of hotel management. Seamlessly manage cleanings, inspections, and work orders while effortlessly analyzing performance trends. Share essential notes, send direct messages, and effortlessly distribute documents to keep everyone informed while ensuring your guests remain undisturbed. Let Quore be the tool that helps your team Relax like a guest.

Get started with Quore

Learn more about the 30+ features offered, so you’ll have what you need to create happier guest experiences. If you’re ready to relax like a guest and get started with Quore, shoot us an email at hello@quore.com or give us a call at (877) 974-9774.

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