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Sneak Peek: Elevate your Housekeeping Performance with Cleanings Plus

December 18th, 2017

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Sneak Peek: Elevate your Housekeeping Performance with Cleanings Plus

Behind the mortgage, labor costs are the second-highest expense incurred by hotels. Most properties are confined by physical print-outs of rooms and manual processes, creating a bottleneck for housekeeping staff to know which rooms need to be cleaned and which rooms are ready for check-in.

Expanding on the capabilities of Quore’s Cleanings app, we are proud to soon be introducing Cleanings Plus, a new feature that increases efficiency and visibility into housekeeping processes, saving your hotel time and money.

With cloud-based mobile-tracking, real-time room status updates and notifications between team members, Cleanings Plus reduces delays between room cleanings and inspections. Cleanings Plus allows properties to function in real-time, identifying problem areas and giving management visibility into staff procedures that were previously unavailable while logging extensive data for reporting and trend analysis.

Streamlining housekeeping processes increases internal efficiency and ultimately contributes to guest satisfaction by ensuring rooms are ready for guests upon check-in.

Here’s what to expect from the new Cleanings Plus:

  • Customized, Maximized Workflow: Customizable breakout boards and cleaning inspections are designed to fit your hotel’s unique needs. Create and manage all aspects of the day-to-day Housekeeping operation and track productivity in real-time to maximize your staff’s workflow.
  • Cleanings On-the-Go: Forget the radios. Using the Quore Mobile app, your housekeeping department can manage their work from digital boards, complete cleanings and perform inspections from the convenience of a phone or tablet. Built-in push notifications reduce delays in handoffs.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Whether there are room notices, special cleaning projects, work orders, lost and found items or guest requests, the app features a centralized view of all issues by room so that housekeepers can address several projects at once.
  • Powerful Insights to Optimize Performance: Cleanings Plus generates detailed insights about staff performance designed to elevate efficiency over time. View powerful records and reports from the app to track and improve performance across the board.

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