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The Top 7 Benefits of Managing & Tracking Work Orders in Quore

November 6th, 2019

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The Top 7 Benefits of Managing & Tracking Work Orders in Quore

Traditionally, work orders have been tracked using Post-it notes, binders and messages communicated over noisy radios. But these analog methods have a lot of potential for error—Post-it notes can be easily lost, things scrawled in binders can be hard to read and easy to forget and noisy radios can really disturb hotel guests!  

But with modern hospitality technology like Quore, you and your team can track work order processes from beginning to end and keep a record of historical data in one single, accessible location. We provide a deskless workforce solution for teams that have to do their jobs on the go—and one of the most on-the-go jobs we can think of is that of a hotel engineer. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the top benefits of managing and tracking work orders in Quore! Take a look below. 

1. Don’t run all over the hotel trying to track down the right person or tool. 

With Quore, your team receives instant notifications for work orders, so you won’t have to track them down on foot or get ahold of them by radio. The system sends a real-time notification via the Quore app to your team’s compatible smart devices, and they’ll immediately have all the information they need to take care of the work order, right in the palm of their hand. 

2. Get automated callback reminders for guest-requested work orders. 

Your team will never forget to check in with a guest after a quest-initiated work order! Quore automatically schedules callback reminders for any work orders that were put in motion by a guest. This helps your team ensure that your guests are happy with the resolution and that no further action needs to be taken. 

3. Prevent future problems with more complete work order information. 

With a clearer picture of all the details associated with work orders, your team can spot systemic issues or recurring problems sooner and put plans in place to prevent future problems.  Your team will also get a better understanding of the work necessary for the fix. Plus, the ability to include photos in work orders helps convey actions that were taken to fix any problems and provides photo documentation for later. 

4. Improve response times with better work order prioritization. 

Quore automatically prioritizes guest-requested items so your team can get to the most important fixes first! This helps you to reduce response times around your property by ensuring your engineering team has the higher priority work orders at the top of their To Do list in Quore. 

5. Visualize and estimate the time work orders take. 

Since Quore tracks the time it takes between a work order being started to when it’s completed, you’ll be able to clearly see how long a request took to complete and better estimate similar future requests. This helps you establish realistic guest expectations and make sure that everyone’s time is fully optimized. 

6. Improve guest satisfaction scores and track a high volume of requests. 

No matter how many requests you have coming down the pipeline, Quore will help you better track and manage them so you can assign them as needed and get things taken care of quickly. With Quore, fixes are easier to keep up with and complete so every area of your hotel remains in tip top shape, ensuring better guest satisfaction

7. Get an accurate understanding of what your team needs. 

Because you’ll have better reporting and tracking around work orders, you can get a full understanding of the resources your team needs to make sure they can do their best work. Whether they need more tools to get the job done or they need additional team members to help them keep up with the high volume of requests, they’ll be able to accurately document and demonstrate why additional resources are needed. 

Smarter Team, Faster Fixes

Whether your team simply needs more visibility or you need better tracking and management around a high volume of requests, Quore’s Work Order feature provides your deskless workforce with the tools they need to manage hotel maintenance more effectively. This way, you can spend more time focusing on guests and less time tracking down details and resources. 

To learn more about how Quore can help you optimize your hotel, visit our website. And don’t forget to check out the product section of our blog for more top tips about Quore!

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