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Do More With the New To Do App

February 6th, 2017

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Do More With the New To Do App

At Quore, we firmly believe that knowledge gives you the power to do more at your hotel. Our To Do app has historically been considered our best tool to give customers a greater level of visibility and insight into what needs to get done at their hotel, and in what order of priority. The only problem was it wasn’t all-encompassing. Customers needed to check across multiple apps to see what tasks were awaiting their action, then figure out priority across apps.

It had also been a while since the To Do app had gotten any design love. We decided the time was right for a refresh, and also saw the opportunity to make To Do an even more comprehensive tool for getting things done at your hotel.

Do More, All in One Place

Now open complaints, inspections, PMs and recurring readings are all displayed in your To Do list on both our desktop and mobile app. Instead of having to check five or more different apps to gauge your workload for the day, you can view and take action on open items all from a single location. You’ll notice we’ve refreshed the “Overview” list to give a better at-a-glance view of information-from color-coded badges that more clearly display the To Do type, and more horizontal space to display the description and other important metadata.

Get a Better Picture of Your Day

Your To Do list now displays one day at a time, with easy navigation at the top to move forward in time to see other days’ workloads. We wanted the To Do list to feel more like a checklist of what needs to get done each day. By separating items into one day at a time, customers can better gauge how much work is awaiting them and plan their day accordingly.

Priority Where It Matters Most

Setting a priority for To Do’s used to be a bit of a guessing game. With so many levels of priority to choose from, the whole system was getting watered down and rendered not very meaningful. We decided to strip priority down to only one higher priority setting, the one we know matters most: guest-requested To Do’s.

By selecting the “guest-requested” option in the form when creating new To Do’s, that item is automatically marked as “high priority”, and displayed at the top of your To Do overview list. We also created a unique icon to help identify items that are guest-requested, displayed below, which shows up to just to the left of the room number or area name in the To Do list item.

Bundles of Progress

To help reduce visual clutter, recurring items due in the same day are bundled into a single list item and update as you make progress. Just look for the triple-layered badge, the visual cue for bundled items. Clicking or tapping into a bundle will display the full list of recurring items due that day so you can complete them one at a time. As you make progress, the number will update in your To Do list to reflect the current quantity of items left.

Find What You’re Looking for

We know how much our customers have on their plates each day, and sometimes they need to focus their attention on a specific To Do type based on their role or department. Quick filters at the top of the desktop To Do list and at the top left in the mobile app header bar help you easily filter To Do’s by type or property.

We hope you’re enjoying using the new To Do app and finding it more useful than ever. As always, our support team is here to help with any questions, or you can register for a Quore 101 Live Training to learn about Quore through live interactive online classes.

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