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Top 3 Travel Trends for 2020

January 22nd, 2020

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Top 3 Travel Trends for 2020

Guest needs are constantly evolving, so it’s important to take note of the trends that hoteliers can expect moving into 2020. We picked three of the top trends to note for the year and—though some may sound familiar—each one is taking on new life as technology advances and demands change.

Seeking Experiences

In the past decade, travel has become more accessible than ever before. With budget airlines and digital booking, more people are able to access destinations that were previously unavailable to them. And, the more places that people are able to visit, the more they’ve found that they want to immerse themselves in the culture of the surrounding locations. In fact, “[Research] shows that 50% of travelers want to learn about and experience the history and culture of destinations they visit.” Creating a memorable experience at any point during your guests’ stay can contribute to their desire to come back again and again.

The market for “adventure travel” has grown 65% annually since 2009. Whether that’s zip-lining through a rainforest or sky-diving in a desert, travelers want to make their trips more than vacations—they want to make memories. It’s a way of immersing in the culture and gaining a new understanding of the world, and maybe even themselves.

The rise of social media has also contributed to what travelers want to see—they want to be able to share their experiences with their online following. Making your hotel “instagramable” can be a catalyst for advertising your property and the experiences that can come with it when people choose to stay there. 

Remaining Environmentally Conscious

Sustainability is important for the planet—and it also may help you attract more guests, too. 55% of global travelers say that they are more determined than ever to choose sustainable accommodation than they were last year.

Hotels are already starting to do their part to help save the planet. There are initiatives to save water by incentivizing guests to reuse towels or have their bed linens changed less frequently and some hotels are even making the switch from tiny travel bottles to soap dispensers to eliminate plastic. By switching to a digital platform like Quore to run operations, hotels can also significantly reduce the amount of paper wasted in a given year!

Sustainability isn’t something that can happen overnight, but all hotels can benefit from implementing small changes for a lasting impact. Implement a recycling program or make the switch to LED lights—find ways to make a difference this year! 

Embracing Technology & AI

Even though 2020 hasn’t brought us flying cars (yet), the excitement this new decade has presented for new technology offers an opportunity to make sure everything in your hotel is ready for the future—and beyond. But the implementation of technology isn’t just a trend—it’ll be mandatory for hotels to keep up with the evolving needs of guests.

Text and guest messaging platforms like Whistle are becoming increasingly popular as millennials take over travel. It’s a faster alternative to calling the front desk. And, when integrated with Quore, the request can be completed even faster, because the technology improves communication processes.

Hotel Business Weekly emphasizes the way that technology can better equip your staff to serve guests’ needs: “Self-service technology offers a dual benefit to the hotels which employ it. Not only are guests provided with the choice of which service model they prefer (high-touch or low-touch), hotel staff are also empowered to better serve those guests who prefer hands-on interaction. This also helps to streamline operations, expediting certain touch-points that were often notorious for creating delays, such as front desk lines and inquiry delays.” 

The continued adoption of technology for hotels comes down to better understanding what guests needs are—and the ability to anticipate them for enhanced stays. 

Looking Ahead

At the end of the day, your guests’ needs will dictate what’s next for your hotel. Paying attention to what they want is crucial! If you’re looking to take the next step toward embracing technology—or even sustainability—learn more about Quore! You can check out our website or dive into our blog for more information.

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