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Track Hotel Processes with Better Accuracy Using Photo Uploads  

August 7th, 2019

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Track Hotel Processes with Better Accuracy Using Photo Uploads  

There are some things you have to see to believe. But, traditionally, in a hotel, work orders or maintenance problems have had to be communicated with standard documentation and written description.What if the crack on the sink was described as two inches long but was actually four inches? What if there are discrepancies in the way a housekeeper describes the blue teddy bear found in room 203 that the front desk agent says is clearly green?

Sometimes it just makes more sense to be able to see something with your own eyes. And Quore’s photo features let you do just that. Our solution takes the guesswork out of relaying this information.Your team can snap photos directly from their smart device to include along with any information they’re conveying about work orders, requests or missing items. So, even if you can’t believe your eyes, you can track it in Quore!

Check out some of our top tips for using photos in Quore to see just how helpful it can be at your property.

Share Lost & Found Items with the Entire Team 

In the United States alone, over 960 items for every 100 guestrooms are lost yearly. Plus, 2 in 3 guests are likely to switch hotel brands if a competing brand offers more state-of-the-art lost and found services. Quore ensures that everyone at your hotel is notified if an item is reported lost or if something has been found in a guestroom after the guest has departed. And, with the ability to include photos of the lost or found item, your team can more easily identify if an item matches the descriptions of something a guest has reported.  

Pictures of these items allow staff to easily describe or show the object to whoever needs to know about it and circulate the information quickly and efficiently. Additionally, since the photo stays in Quore’s system within our Lost & Found database, your team can pull up the information at any time to make sure it gets back into the right hands.  

Improve Your Understanding of Maintenance Needs 

The ability to add photos can be invaluable when your engineers are working on preventive maintenance. Our founder, Scott Schaedle, was working as a hotel engineer when he first had the idea for our software, and one of his main frustrations was the struggle of getting to a maintenance repair and not having the right tools to do the job.

With picture uploads, whoever submits a work order or maintenance request can ensure that the engineer has all the information needed to fix things quickly and effectively. Plus, if an item under warranty needs to be replaced, you’ll have the photo documentation needed to submit for a replacement. Our new photo carousel allows for multiple photo uploads, too, so you can get a photo of everything you need to include and take shots from multiple angles. This way you can always get a clear picture of any maintenance needs.

Enhance Quality Assurance Control  

A research study conducted by Trust You and the School of Hospitality Management found that “hotel cleanliness and comfort were rated the most important factors in hotel selection.”And one of the top ways to ensure that your hotel is up-to-par on guest expectations and increase guest satisfaction is by conducting regular Quality Assurance (QA) checks.

When you perform internal inspections around your property, you can utilize Quore’s photo features to document things you need to improve. This helps you stay on top of-and pass-QA inspections. Keep track of inventory items that need fixing, appliances that might need tuning up and areas of the hotel that need extra cleaning attention using photos that clearly depict what needs work.

This not only helps your team improve the quality of your property in the short term but also prepares your team to better optimize across departmentsandmaintain excellent quality over time.You’ll be able to visualize trends where you’re lacking or recognize your team for areas they’re excelling, too, leading to lasting improvements and extra employee engagement.

A Picture Says It All  

Don’t just take our word for it-try out Quore’s photo features for yourself.Just like you have to see some things with your own eyes to understand them, you need to experience the value of photos for yourself to really believe how great the impact can be!

You can find more helpful information on how to use our app by logging into your Quore account and visiting Quore Learn. And be sure to check out more product tips in the Our Product section of our blog. If you want more information about how Quore can help to optimize your hotel, check out our website.

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