April 11, 2019

April 11th, 2019

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  • New: For hotels that schedule tasks and work orders far in advance, we’ve added calendar navigation to the To Do list on desktop so that finding those items is easier. We’ll be releasing this feature on mobile soon!
  • Improved: Error handling is now more helpful on PM templates, highlighting the fields you are missing.
  • Improved: For those of you setting up your hotel for the first time, we’ve made some small updates to error messages so you know where you went wrong.
  • Fixed: The list of available sales contracts should now show all of the templates you’ve created or were created for you.
  • Fixed: Multi-day sales bookings with matching names now display correctly in the GRC.
  • Fixed: Cleanings Inspections done late in the day are now correctly recorded in the Hotel Book.
  • Fixed: The status and type column headers in the table showing completed CapEx requests now match what’s displayed below.

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