August 27, 2019

August 27th, 2019

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  • We fixed some issues with the information displayed in the above property dashboard—it’s now displaying correct info for complaints and inspections.
  • Special characters in a new complaint caused issues with how they displayed for push notifications
  • Mysterious pop-up alerts for empty guest requests have been eliminated—phew.
  • We’ve given you some new options when it comes to deleting recurring calendar events. You have the choice between deleting just one or all future events!
  • Multiple property users can access all contract templates within the Sales app without having to switch properties.
  • We fixed a pagination issue within Lost & Found that was affecting your search results.
  • We updated a cosmetic issue with the button in mobile web for posting comments within multiple apps. Now it looks good and works great!
  • We got a little too sensitive, so we fixed an issue within login that required Quore ID to be case sensitive when users tried to update their password.

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