February 18, 2020

February 18th, 2020

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  • Have two capital letters in your last name? We made sure that Quore knows how to spell it right. O’Neal, O’Malley, O’Boy—they will now all appear correctly!
  • We added “Do Not Disturb” data to the End of Breakout Report in Cleanings Plus! It’s a vital part of the housekeeping department and now it’s a vital part of Cleanings Plus reporting.
  • Users were experiencing an issue with Cleaning Records. The issue occurred after changing the frequency of Deep Cleans, causing them to not appear on the Records page. We cleaned it all up—now it’s working as expected.
  • Within Budget Settings, we improved the user experience so that your place on the page will be held while you make edits to the General Ledger.

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