February 4, 2020

February 4th, 2020

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  • The Primary Management Inspections for above property users are now appearing correctly on the above property dashboard.
  • We’ve made additional improvements to the speed and accuracy of the Inventory build process for new hotels.
  • In the Reports app, we fixed the way that the Connect Text Summary Report pulled data so that you get the right information!
  • In Inspections, there was an issue preventing users from closing the comment box. All fixed!
  • The Daily Email report was incorrectly displaying Guestroom Boiler Readings in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius for properties with Celsius as their default, now the email will display the correct temperature scale.
  • The date picker within the Reports app now shows the correct week numbers.
  • We fixed an issue in Hotel Setup that was allowing customers to submit their hotel for review before selecting room types for their guestrooms.
  • There was an issue in Reports that was causing data to not populate correctly if “Select All” was selected—now, it’s working as expected.

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