January 29, 2019

January 29th, 2019

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  • Fixed: Re-assigning multiple rooms at once in Cleanings Plus was occasionally duplicating rooms. Not anymore!
  • Improved: Numerical sorting now works after each bulk cleaning type assignment during a Cleanings Plus breakout setup.
  • Fixed: Inspection template items can be rearranged again.
  • Fixed: Weekly PMs completed in the last week of the year now appear immediately on the PM calendar page.
  • Fixed: Hover text functionality in CapEx has been restored for all browsers.
  • Removed: Some of our users felt that the CapEx status column was not helpful for Approved requests, especially following the recent updates. We agreed and gave the extra space to some more important columns.
  • Added: The All Requests report now includes Request descriptions and notes. This puts it more in line with the All Work Orders report.

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