January 9, 2020

January 9th, 2020

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  • We made an improvement in Connect so that guest requests will send push notifications to the assigned staff member or department as expected.
  • In the Open Complaints Report, the issue input was being duplicated. We fixed how it was displaying so that you only see it once!
  • When creating PM templates attached to an Area Type, we’ve made an update so that you can only select item types present within those areas when setting up your checklist!
  • There was an issue in the Sales app that occurred when adding Seasonal Rate Tiers, making previously added Seasonal Rate Tiers disappear. It’s all fixed now!
  • For multi-property users, we fixed an issue in the Open Complaints Report so that the user can pull information for all properties, not just their primary one.
  • We’ve added a filter to the Building, Life Safety and Mechanical PMs Report to select specific PM templates so that you can get the exact information you need.
  • Above Property users can now apply a brand-owned PM template as the the primary template for affiliated brand properties within their portfolio.
  • You may have already noticed—our Release Notes page has a new look and location for the new year! All links to the page within our product, website and blog have been updated.

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