July 19, 2019

July 19th, 2019

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  • Negotiated rate comments can be saved within the Sales app on mobile—all fixed.
  • Group bookings have been corrected to show the right number of nights that the group needs rooms.
  • Oh no—guestroom sinks were building in the bedrooms in the hotel setup process, so we put them back in the bathrooms!
  • The Cleanings Plus issue with Cleaning Time by Attendant reports has been fixed!
  • PM’s app has been fixed so that Photos and Comments can only be added after the PM has been started.
  • When updating an Inspection template, the original time & date will now remain the same.
  • A date recording discrepancy within Cleanings Plus Inspection Records has been resolved.
  • Room totals in Cleanings Plus have been adjusted to show correct data for re-cleans.
  • The list & grid in Cleanings Plus Daily Records are once again all synced up!
  • Work Order report formatting properly mirrors the All Requests report and Open Work Orders report.

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