June 28, 2018

June 28th, 2018

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  • Corrected issue where users aren’t getting results on certain reports in Reports app
  • Restored To Do Records in To Do app
  • Fixed budget information to flow to overview in Budget app
  • Corrected records screen to show proper month in Cleanings app
  • Made pictures appear from failed inspection tasks on mobile To Do app
  • Allowed users to tap on their name in header on Android tablets
  • Corrected due date on Connect-created requests
  • Allowed Sales Rate Plans and Corp Rate Code values to save in Sales app
  • Corrected birthdate issue on edit user pages
  • Allowed property users who performed inspections to view Regional-created inspections
  • Fixed Acquire Assets option in CapEx app
  • Corrected Used By display issue on certain PM templates in PMs app
  • Improved performance on several pages
  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections

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