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A Look Back on 2020 at Quore

January 20th, 2021

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A Look Back on 2020 at Quore

Only in 2020 can you greet someone with “How’s your toilet paper supply?” and sound somewhat normal. Toilet paper, Clorox wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, Netflix, Zoom and on and on. Priorities are different than a year ago, but it has been amazing to see how we’ve rallied together to embrace change.

We saw distilleries producing hand sanitizer and hotels offering up their buildings to house medical and military personnel. We saw millions of people making masks and donating them to hospitals and those in need. People offering on social media to do grocery runs for those too at risk to get out. These are just a few examples of how compassion has helped us along during this pandemic.

At Quore, we had to pivot just like the rest of the world. Here are some of those things from last year that kept us going (and laughing) into 2021:

304 Days Working from Home

…and counting. What an adjustment it was back in March to make the switch. C’mon internet, hang in there! Hopefully we will all be back in our amazing office sooner rather than later.

35,568 Hours on Zoom

From kid/dog bombs over your shoulder to the classic “You’re on mute” or “Are you frozen?” after you just delivered the best punchline ever, we’ve been parked in front of our computers since March trying to navigate the virtual meeting waters. We’ve called in from parks, backyards, beds, pools, carpool lines and even some new cities. And who doesn’t love a good custom zoom background?

2,128 Virtual Huddles

Every morning we meet with our respective teams to share information and keep everyone in the know. Some huddles have a question of the day or week like “If you had your human body, but the head of an animal, what animal would you pick?” or “What is your FAVORITE comfort food meal when it gets cold outside?”

Over 500,000 Slack Messages

Slack was our primary messaging tool prior to March, but it became even more important after the pandemic hit. We’ve been able to keep things running while we were apart and even shared a few playlists, recipes, memes and dad jokes (I caught my son chewing on electrical cords, so I had to ground him!) along the way. And we can’t forget “Tell me something Tuesday” where we get to answer questions like, “If you were the 8th Dwarf in Snow White, what would your name be?”

14 Virtual Team Building Events

Quappy Hours, trivia, bingo, a holiday gift exchange, birthday surprises, food challenges (cheese, banana and mayo sandwich anyone?) and an event where we learned how to make cocktails—there were plenty of virtual gatherings in 2020.

9 New Faces

Six new teammates joined Team Quore rounding out the last Quorientation of the year with Cohort 13. It was quite the pivot to virtual onboarding, but we made sure everyone still got a taste of the kool aid. We can’t forget to mention the three Quore babies that joined the ranks! And who knows, we can’t count out quarantine babies just yet… 

256 Shoutouts

We have a Slack channel called #applause and our team members celebrated each other 256 different times throughout the year. This is the place for us to stop and show appreciation to a team member. Little praise can sometimes go a long way! The culmination was the inaugural Quore Awards for Quore Spirit, Infinity & Beyond and Customer Champion at our final State of Quore. Yay, Team Quore! 

While our workplace looked different in 2020, Team Quore took it all in stride. We look forward to the day when we can all get back together, but until then we wish everyone the best in the new year! And continue to take care of yourself and each other. Cheers to 2021! 

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