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How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection For a Better Quore Experience

October 7th, 2021

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How To Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection For a Better Quore Experience

There are 4,400+ hotels worldwide that use Quore to streamline staff operations, which means there are tens of thousands of hotel staff members who rely on Quore every day as they complete their daily tasks. From housekeeping staff who use Quore to expedite their cleanings and inspections processes to front desk attendants logging guest requests and callbacks to engineers keeping up with their preventative maintenance schedules and work orders – Quore is an integral part of so many daily routines! 

Because so many hotel employees rely on Quore, if they’re having problems using the app on their mobile device, it can severely impact their day. Often, when users have issues logging into Quore or the app is not running efficiently, it’s actually the wi-fi connection that is the source of disruption. Luckily, there’s a simple solution! It involves making the phone or tablet (whatever device used to access Quore) a “managed” device on the hotel’s network. Pro tip: this will also help increase mobile accessibility for other apps used throughout the day!

Setting a device as managed on the hotel’s wireless network enables users to bypass the hotel Wi-Fi splash page (the page that asks you to accept terms and conditions before allowing you access to the browser), which ensures a more reliable internet connection. This process involves finding the device’s MAC Address (“Mobile Access Control” Address) and relaying it to the hotel’s Internet service provider. 

If that sounds confusing, you’re not alone! Although we’re  a technology company, we understand that hotel employees shouldn’t have to be tech wizards in order to use our app, so we’ve created a simple, step-by-step guide to help users through the process, which can be found in our Managed Devices Guide! We’ve also provided some tips to help users ensure that their Internet connection is as fast and stable as possible, which will increase efficiency for all devices using Quore.

In addition to our Managed Devices Guide, we offer other resources to help our users get the most out of Quore. Quore Learn is accessible to all of Quore’s active users and offers detailed tutorials that walk them through how to use all of Quore’s features. We’re passionate about making hotel life easier, not more difficult! The more accessible Quore is to the people who use it every day, then the closer we are to ensuring that all hotels run as efficiently and safely as possible. 

Click here to access our Managed Devices Guide. 

Click here to access Quore Learn.

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