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Quore Launches Cleanings Plus to Streamline Housekeeping Operations

November 13th, 2018

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Quore Launches Cleanings Plus to Streamline Housekeeping Operations

Housekeeping is one of the largest departments in any hotel, and with that comes unique challenges. Quore continues to offer the Cleanings app to help with these issues, but we realized there was so much more that we could do to help make housekeeping easier. That’s why we are happy to announce the launch of our new application in early 2019, Cleanings Plus.

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Cleanings Plus has expanded features to help the day-to-day process of housekeeping. From creating customized cleaning inspection templates and building breakout boards to setting standard cleaning times, and more, our new app helps housekeeping manage their workday without all the papers.

Customizable Breakout Boards

Supervisors are now able to start their day in the Cleanings Plus app, where they can assign rooms by cleaning type. They have the ability to select housekeepers and room inspectors, creating the entire breakout board in Quore, easily accessible to everyone. Mobile access allows the staff to update a room’s cleaning status and manage breakouts as things change throughout the day-working with the team to get the job done efficiently.

Mobile Cleanings and Inspections Without the Delay

Cleanings Plus updates all progress in real-time, letting housekeepers know what rooms they need to clean, and notifying supervisors when rooms are ready to be inspected. Team members will know their assigned rooms, supervisors will know when a room is ready to be inspected; it all happens on their mobile device. We understand that things come up during the day, so we also added the feature to pause room cleanings if needed-to ensure an accurate reporting on cleaning times.

If a housekeeper submits a work order for a room, or an inspector fails an item on the customized inspection template, the appropriate team member will be notified of the issue so it can be solved as soon as possible. This ensures all rooms are guest ready when needed.

Quantifiable Results

Cleanings Plus comes with built-in records and reports that track cleaning and inspection times, inspection scores, averages and property standards to help boost housekeeping productivity and identify performance trends. Detailed insights about staff performance will help your hotel improve accountability and productivity.

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Cleanings Plus provides a new perspective on staff performance, saving the hotel both time and money. If you’re interested in finding our budgetary guidelines in adding Cleanings Plus to your Quore suite, let us know!

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