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8 Ways the Hospitality Industry is Changing with Quore

September 11th, 2019

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8 Ways the Hospitality Industry is Changing with Quore

The hospitality industry is centuries old-in fact, it’s nearly as old as the human race. But a lot has changed since the cave lodgings of 15,000 BCE. Now, you can find a modern hotel just about everywhere, and you can book accommodations using devices that fit in the palm of your hand. And the advancements don’t stop at booking. Technology has played an integral role in the rise of the modern hospitality industry.

With software that allows hotel teams to manage everything from guest requests to property-wide budgets, today’s hoteliers have never had more flexibility or tracking for hotel processes than they do right now! We’re proud to say that Quore is a leading, digital hospitality industry solution that champions advancement and improvement in the ever evolving landscape of hotel management.

Take a look at how we’re changing the hospitality industry for the better, one device at a time.

1. Optimizing Hospitality Industry Workflows

Our CEO, Scott Schaedle, dreamt of Quore when he was a hotel engineer. Scott wanted to be able to view exactly what he needed to get done for the day as soon as he was on duty. The answer, he found, was to build his own workflow management solution uniquely for the hospitality industry, and Quore was officially born! Quore allows your team to view daily to do’s, track preventative maintenance, streamline room cleanings and more-all in one place.

2. Eliminating Noisy Radios & Enormous Binders

Quore brought mobile devices and real-time communications to the hospitality industry, so you don’t have to worry about loud radio communications disturbing your guests! With instant notifications, housekeepers can receive real-time updates on their smart device when a guest makes a request, and as soon as maintenance needs arise, engineers are immediately notified.

3. Improving Accountability & Visibility Across Properties

With Quore, you and your team know exactly what you’re responsible for and can easily prioritize things across your property or portfolio. With Quore’s On Duty indicators, everyone on your team knows who’s available to help and who’s not on shift. Plus, Quore maintains a history of all guest service activity, so you’ll be able to find the information you need about guest interactions, complaints or requests quickly.

4. Streamlining Capital Expenditures

Quore allows you to create and automate your approval flow for increased efficiency, attach capital requests to assets and simplify budget season with consolidated data to make better financial decisions. You don’t have to spend months prepping for the hospitality industry budget season. Our CapEx app keeps your team on top of budgeting-without hefty binders!

5. Tracking Asset Information & Managing Inventory

As soon as you’ve entered all your hotel data in Quore’s system, you’ll have information about your entire property’s inventory all in one place. Each asset is counted as an individual item, so Quore knows that the TV in room 105 is different from the TV in room 208. You can instantly submit a work order and track how an item is fixed directly in Quore, too. Plus the system can track an item’s warranty and visually indicate to engineers if a broken item is still covered!

6. Improving Response Times Across Your Property

Quore improves overall response times across properties in the hospitality industry and helps you set realistic guest expectations. Push notifications keep your team updated on guest needs in real time. And since everything is in one place, everyone at your hotel can get the information they need faster.

7. Elevating Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

With Quore, housekeeping can instantly create work orders for damaged or broken assets they come across during cleanings, and work orders are automatically created for items that fail during routine inspections. With tracking and reporting you can spot trends like repeated issues that might be a result of a more systemic issue.

8. Calculating Pool Readings, Instantly

Ensuring your pool and/or spa is balanced is essential in meeting quality assurance standards and providing your guests with the best, and safest, experience in the hospitality industry. Using Quore, all you have to do is plug in the data and the system calculates the information for you. Quore tracks trends over time, too, so you can more quickly spot any issues you might have and put solutions in place before major problems arise.

All to Exceed Guest Expectations

Quore does all of this in the name of smarter teams and happier guests! We’re a solution for everyone in the hospitality industry. We want to make the lives of hotel staff easier so your day-to-day runs smoother and your guests leave happier-and return time and time again.

For more information on what Quore can do for your hotel, check out our website.

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