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How to Streamline Hotel Housekeeping Duties

September 4th, 2019

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How to Streamline Hotel Housekeeping Duties

Our digital tool was created to streamline all hotel duties-especially housekeeping. It allows hotels to increase efficiency for all of their daily tasks, saving time and money. While Quore might not be able to clean rooms for you, we can streamline all of your hotel housekeeping duties, making for better guest stays every time. And, as guest expectations evolve, you can rest assured that your hotel housekeeping department will always be ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Your Whole Team-One Solution

Our robust suite of tools streamlines hotel housekeeping duties-starting with room cleanings. Your daily to do list provides an at-a-glance view of everything that needs to get done in a given day. From making beds and tidying rooms to polishing mirrors and cleaning bathrooms, every task associated with a room cleaning can be templated within Quore. All your housekeepers need to do is click on their assigned guestroom and run through the checklist!

For unexpected or urgent requests, your team can receive push notifications directly to their mobile devices to ensure that they meet guest needs quickly and provide consistent service. Incorporating our system into your daily routine can cut down on extra time spent carrying binders or tracking stayovers since it’s all in Quore.

Once rooms have been cleaned, your inspectors will be instantly notified that there are rooms ready for review-reducing time spent waiting for your team to communicate room readiness. Templates for inspections make this process even faster, because your team knows what to look for every single time to help your team consistently meet brand standards. Additionally, if an inspector notices that there’s something in the room that needs attention from engineering, they can submit a work order right there so that the issue gets resolved.

Find a lost item? Add a photo of it to Lost & Found so that if a guest reports it missing you’ll know exactly where to find it. And, because you can add it while you’re still actively cleaning rooms, your day won’t be interrupted and the item won’t be lost forever!

Time Saved, Money Saved

Quore’s digital breakouts and push notification alerts increase team efficiency. Our Cleanings Plus feature provides real-time insights into daily department operations for all employees, including management. These insights can be utilized to train your team and make sure that all of your operations are working exactly as they’re supposed to.

One of the most powerful things about Quore is that as you communicate, records are documented for future use. This documentation gives you and your hotel housekeeping team time back in your day-which is an all-around win for your entire hotel.

Your Operations, Running Smoothly

When hotel housekeeping duties are streamlined with Quore, you’ll be able to ensure guest satisfaction-and track it, too! Monitoring your progress and complaints will enable your team to make improvements over time, and catch things before they ever become an issue.

Learn more about how Quore can optimize your housekeeping by visiting our website.

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