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Seamless Hotel Inspections and Insights

June 18th, 2020

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Seamless Hotel Inspections and Insights

Quore’s Inspections app allows you to create custom inspection templates and share them across your team instantly. With these templates, everyone has access to inspection protocols and can complete inspections on the go via the Quore mobile app. But did you know that Quore also has Inspection Reports that allow you to gain further insights about your hotel inspections and identify improvement opportunities from trends? 

Quore’s Inspection Reports allow you to dive deeper into hotel inspection data. This allows you to get a more complete picture of what’s going right with your inspections and what the team could improve upon. Our reports allow you to view all kinds of inspection details for a single selected property or all properties. And you’re able to export any report as a CSV, XLS or PDF to distribute to your management or above property team for visibility. 

Pending Inspection Items Report

The Pending Inspection Items Report allows you to see items that have failed an inspection and still need to be followed up on. This keeps tasks from being created and not completed and ensures that if you have any broken assets or hotel areas that need attention, you can easily identify them, keep work flowing and adhere to quality assurance standards. 

Completed Inspections Report 

The Completed Inspections Report is just what it sounds like, it gives you insights into inspections completed during a specified timeframe. The report displays all the templates that have been completed, any scoring information and the number of rooms completed within the record if applicable. This way you can clearly visualize what’s been taken care of and what still needs to be worked on.

All Failed Inspection Items Report 

The All Failed Inspection Items Report shows all failed inspection items for the selected property or properties. In addition to open items still requiring attention (like on the Pending Inspection Items Report) it also shows failed inspection items that have been closed and taken care of. This report allows you to identify repeated patterns of failed items, so you can get to the bottom of what’s keeping items from passing inspection. It’s a great report to isolate an item for a period of time across multiple properties to identify trends or irregularities. 

Hotel Inspection Summary Report 

The Inspection Summary Report gives you insights into how many times templates, including Inspection Checklists, have been completed in a specified timeframe. Use this report to assess time-sensitive compliance of inspections, like a weekly property walk, to make sure they’re all being completed as expected. Using this report, you can clearly see if the appropriate number of inspections has taken place during the selected timeframe, or if you need to revisit inspection standards with the team. 

Inspection Item Detail Report

The Inspection Item Detail Report provides you with the results of a specific item or all items from a single inspection template across a property or portfolio of properties. It displays details like the room number or location for the item, whether it passed or failed the inspection, who completed the inspection, any notes about the item and a count of any photo attachments. This allows you clear visibility into item details so that you can spot any patterns concerning inspected items. 

Completed Guestroom Inspections Report

The Completed Guestroom Inspections Report gives you insights into which guestroom inspections have been completed during a specified timeframe. The report displays each guestroom that was inspected, when it was inspected and who completed the inspection, so you have a clear understanding of which guestrooms have been taken care of and how. It’s particularly useful when a certain number of guestroom inspections completed at different frequencies need to be tracked over a specified timeframe. 

More Visibility Means More Informed Decisions

With Quore’s Inspections Reports, you have clearer visibility into your hotel’s inspection processes so you always know what’s going on and what needs to be improved upon. To learn more about inspections reports, take a look at Quore Learn. For more information on Quore’s features, head over to our website. To read more industry topics and company features, check out the rest of our blog

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