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Hotel Preventative Maintenance Reports, Insights & Data

August 15th, 2020

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Hotel Preventative Maintenance Reports, Insights & Data

Quore’s PM app lets your team track and manage preventative maintenance across your hotel. Your entire team can access templates and initiatives, whenever and wherever they are. And with Quore’s reporting features you can get deeper insights into preventative maintenance processes and data. Quore’s Preventative Maintenance Reports dive deeper into hotel preventative maintenance information that has been logged in Quore during routine PMs.

This allows you to get a clearer understanding of what’s going right with your PM processes and gives you the opportunity to spot any issues quickly and resolve them. With these reports, you can view details for a single selected property or all properties, and you’re able to export the report as a CSV, XLS or PDF to distribute to your management or above property team for visibility. 

Guestroom PMs Report

Quore’s Guestroom Preventative Maintenance Reports display information about guestroom preventative maintenance for a specified time frame. You’ll be able to see which property the guestroom PM took place at, which template was used, which room it took place in, when it was started and when it was completed. You’ll also be able to see how long it took and who the PM was completed by. This way, you can increase accountability and ensure that preventative maintenance for guestrooms is being regularly completed.

Building, Life Safety & Mechanical PM Report 

The Building, Life Safety & Mechanical Report shows you records from preventative maintenance performed on hotel assets such as commercial washers, rooftop HVAC units and kitchen equipment, as well as general areas around your hotel like your fitness center, meeting rooms and back office. This report displays much of the same information displayed in the Guestroom PMs Report: 

  • The property where the PM took place 
  • The PM template used
  • Start and completion date and time 
  • How long it took
  • Who completed it
  • The frequency this PM is completed 

This allows you to ensure that routine maintenance on high-traffic areas, high-usage equipment and essential life safety items are regularly completed according to brand or quality standards. 

PM Summary Report

Quore’s PM Summary Report provides a list of all PMs available at the property and whether or not they have been completed in a specified timeframe. In addition to showing you what has been completed, this report also shows outstanding or incomplete PMs, so you can address the ones that need attention. 

The report also shows the frequency the PM needs to be completed. This allows you and the team to identify any areas for improvement, such as reiterating policies around PM frequency if you notice they’re not being regularly completed. 

All Failed PMs

The Failed PMs Report displays any and all failed items. You can segment data from one single PM template or across all PM templates within a specified timeframe. It also shows whether or not the failed item, which resulted in a Task or Work Order within Quore, has been taken care of so you can keep track of how fixes are handled. 

This is great for tracking trends or spotting systemic issues with items breaking or assets constantly needing to be addressed. For example, if a particular HVAC continues to need maintenance, it might be time to check the item warranty and look into getting a replacement. The report also enables you to catch failed items that could lead to guest complaints and save you time and money down the line. And since the All Failed PMs report also shows any notes that were added during the PM and whether or not there are any photos attached, you’ll be able to get clear visibility and have documented records of what’s wrong with an asset or what’s needed for the fix. 

PM Item Details Report

The PM Item Details Report is another report that’s great for tracking trends and spotting areas for improvement! This report allows you to run data for a specific PM template and a specific line item from that template. 

For example, the PM for guestroom HVACs may have a step that says something like “thermostat is calibrated and reading correctly.” You could run this report on the line item “thermostat is calibrated and reading correctly” for all guestroom HVAC PMs for a year and see how many times this step in that template failed. If a line item like this fails several times, it may point out an issue you need to discuss with the HVAC vendor. 

Preventative Maintenance Reports = Better Insights

With Quore’s Preventative Maintenance Reports, you have a better understanding of your hotel’s preventative maintenance processes so you can keep your PMs on track and identify areas for improvement. To learn more about PM reports, take a look at Quore Learn. For more information on Quore’s features, head over to our website. To read more industry topics and company features, check out the rest of our blog.

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