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New IHG COVID-19 Cleaning Checklists

June 25th, 2020

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New IHG COVID-19 Cleaning Checklists

To provide peace of mind to staff and colleagues during these uncertain times, IHG’s recommended COVID-19 cleanliness guidelines for public areas are now available in Quore via checklists based on Americas (AMER) IHG properties and European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian (EMEAA) IHG properties. These new checklists are intended to be a reference, a resource and a reminder of IHG’s cleaning recommendations for COVID-19. Both the COVID-19 Cleaning Recommendations and the COVID-19 Sanitizer Check should be used alongside the IHG Way of Clean program procedures. For detailed COIVID-19 guest room and Food & Beverage recommendations please click on the links for AMER or EMEAA properties above. 

Please note that, since these Checklists are additional resources, any guidance provided by local public health and Government officials supersedes any best practice information contained in these checklists; hotels should implement whichever is the stricter sanitization guidance. 

IHG Checklist Best Practices

Managers will automatically find these new Checklists on their daily To Do list in Quore. If you don’t want them to appear, you can edit your copied template to change the cadence for the Checklist. Otherwise, you’ll find them by accessing the Inspections app on the Quore mobile or desktop application. 

Hotels have the flexibility to copy these Checklists and customize the included items or assets, the frequency they should be completed and whether or not the Checklist will appear in Quore’s To Do list. The existing templates may also include or exclude departments or items not relevant to your hotel. To customize a Checklist for your hotel, simply copy and edit the template to suit your property’s specific needs. For example, if you have items or assets at your property that are not listed within these templates, you can copy the template and create a new one including all the assets you need, specifically for your IHG property. 

During an inspection, if you can’t complete a Checklist item, create a new To Do item and assign it to the appropriate department or team member so they have full visibility into what needs to be done. And if you use these templates, you’ll also be able to utilize Quore’s Inspection Reports to get further insights into inspection and Checklist items!

If you need any help customizing these templates or If your hotel isn’t already using Quore to comply with the IHG Way of Clean & Preventative Maintenance brand standard, email our Success Team at support@quore.com or call us at 1-877-974-9774, or 615-678-0388 for customers outside of North America, to get it set up for your hotel. 

To learn how to complete a Checklist, take a look at our new Checklist E-Learning module

Please keep in mind that, at the time of this blog post, our team is actively working to make sure that all IHG properties have these new Checklists. Bear with us while we get these templates uploaded for all properties—it should be no later than 7/1/20. 

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