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How Quore is Supporting the Summer Travel Boom

July 7th, 2021

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How Quore is Supporting the Summer Travel Boom

Life looks a little different now than it did one year ago, especially in the hospitality industry. People are excited to travel again and once-empty rooms are quickly booking up with eager summer vacationers. The first two days of Memorial Day weekend – summer’s unofficial kickoff holiday – saw hotel occupancies across the U.S. top 78.3%. That’s the highest weekend occupancy rate since October 2019! Now that people are becoming more comfortable traveling again, those numbers are only expected to increase. According to the CEO of Hilton Hotels, the chain’s summer bookings are even higher than the numbers they saw in the peak of summer 2019.

Here at Quore, we’re seeing an increase in activity on our end as well. After taking a dip during the height of the pandemic, we’re happy to report that the number of hotels using Quore is now back above pre-pandemic levels!

While the boom in travel is great news for our industry as a whole, full hotels mean busy staff members, which can make it difficult for hotels to stay organized. Communication suffers, it takes longer to fix issues, and guest complaints and needs can get overlooked. A greater number of guest complaints can lead to a greater number of negative online reviews, and that’s the last thing hotels need right now! 

Luckily, there are solutions to all of these problems. There’s widespread agreement among hospitality experts that technology makes work easier for all hotel staff, across every department, and that’s exactly what Quore was created to do!

Quore is a task management application that was designed by a hotel engineer to simplify communication and workflow among hotel staff to provide guests with better experiences. Here are some ways Quore supports hotels:

  1. Hotel staff can easily manage To Do lists, log guest Complaints, and confirm that callbacks are completed on time. Quore ensures that all staff members can communicate across departments, in real time, so everyone is always on the same page. That’s much more efficient than a sticky note and a walkie talkie! It’s quieter too, so guests will no longer complain about loud walkies crackling down hallways.
  2. Our Preventative Maintenance (PM) and Work Order tools are linked to your hotel’s unique inventory so engineers can easily see what needs to be done and respond promptly to service requests. 
  3. PM templates are customizable so equipment and facilities can be serviced regularly, which will prevent problems from happening in the first place. A regular and thorough PM protocol helps ensure the lifetime value of assets, saving your hotel time and money in the long run.
  4. Making sure your hotel maintains a clean and safe environment is more important now than ever before. Even though the pandemic is thankfully on the wane, an increase in hotel occupancy means that there needs to be an emphasis on keeping things clean. Our Inspections app is customizable to your hotel’s individual cleaning protocols and standards, so every room will be safe for guests and ready on time. 

Quore supports every hotel staff member so they can work smarter to provide guests with a happier experience. Smarter team, happier guests – and a safer, more joy-filled summer travel season for all!

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