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Maintenance Tech Stays on Track with Quore

May 3rd, 2018

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Maintenance Tech Stays on Track with Quore

Zdravko’s job as a Maintenance Technician keeps him extremely busy, running around to fix requests as quickly as possible at his hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville. Quore gives him the ability to see all requests as soon as they come in, right on his mobile device. We chatted with him to learn more about how he uses Quore, and how it’s helped him keep up with his busy schedule.

“With Quore, I know in seconds what needs to be done.”

— Zdravko Bengez, Maintenance Technician, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville

Quore: Tell me a little about how you use Quore in your day-to-day job?

Zdravko: I use Quore to see what requests the front desk put in, whether it’s from a supervisor or from a guest. I can check the request from my phone, see where it is and what needs to be done and fix it. After it’s done I can complete the job and close it out. It’s helping me with my job every day.

Quore: What do you like most about Quore?

Zdravko: It makes my job easier. I don’t have to go to the front desk to see what’s going on or check in with other departments. All the notes go directly into the app, and I see them in a few seconds. The communication across the hotel helps everyone.

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Maintaining a hotel is not an easy task and Zdravko needs all the help he can get. Quore has helped him go from task to task without having to run around the hotel to check in with people to see what the issue is. Everything is right there in the palm of his hand.

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