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Hilton GM Amplifies Communication with Quore

May 3rd, 2018

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Hilton GM Amplifies Communication with Quore

Gerald Loughran, General Manager at Hilton Franklin/Cool Springs, has been using Quore since the the early days of the product. Utilizing the Quore Log Book has helped streamline communication for his entire team, making everyone’s day a little bit easier. We sat down with Gerald to get an in-depth look at how his staff’s communication has improved since he began using Quore at his hotels.

“We’re religious about putting everything into Quore. If it’s not in Quore, it didn’t happen.”
— Gerald Loughran, General Manager, Hilton Franklin/Cool Springs

Quore: Tell me, how do you use Quore day-to-day? How does it affect your job?

Gerald: Day-to-day, Log Book is what I use most. The team uses Work Orders and Room Notices.

Quore: When you use the Log Book, is it to monitor what people are actually doing, or a communication tool?

Gerald: Communication tool. Back in the day, every hotel used to have a Red Book at the front desk, and that’s how we would communicate; by pass-ons, all handwritten. Now we use Quore, so you can tell when everyone reads it to make sure and hold people accountable when new memos or new policies and procedures have been added.

Quore: How has using Quore made your life easier?

Gerald: The monitoring of room PM’s, and making sure that everything is done in a timely manner, I can definitely see everyone is doing their job. Let’s say we have a complaint on a guest survey who says their room didn’t get cleaned or their toilet didn’t get fixed, we can always go back and reference that room number and take a look at all the Work Orders that were put in. We’re religious about putting everything into Quore. If it’s not in Quore, it didn’t happen. Same with our sales software. If it’s not in our sales software, it didn’t happen. That definitely helps every day.

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With better communication comes a better staff workflow, and Gerald has made sure that his team is working smarter with the help of Quore.

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