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Housekeeping Manager Masters Inspections with Quore

May 3rd, 2018

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Housekeeping Manager Masters Inspections with Quore

Liz is an Assistant Housekeeping Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville. As a Quore user since 2014, she’s an expert in the day-to-day and long-term benefits of using our software. We sat down with Liz to talk to her more about what her job was like before Quore, and what benefits she’s seen in her work since adopting our tool.

“Quore provides a timeline and helps the work get done faster.”

— Liz Reyes, Assistant Housekeeping Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville

Quore: So tell me, how do you use Quore with your work?

Liz: In Quore, we have checkouts and stayovers, and then, as those change throughout the day, whether it’s a stayover becoming a checkout, or a checkout becoming a stayover, if a room is requesting service at a certain time, late checkout, etc. all of that is put on the board. Then, there are certain requests that a houseman would respond to like service requests, and then things like early checkouts and stayovers are things that I would do. Then I’d notify the housekeeper and tell them what on their board has changed.

Quore: How does Quore make your job easier?

Liz: I actually worked at a prior property and we didn’t utilize Quore as much, we used walkie-talkies. By using those, there isn’t a sense of accountability, it’s easy to not write something down. With Quore, it’s like having a paper trail, so there’s more documentation. Also, I can start and complete an activity all through Quore which is helpful for tracking.

Quore: What do you think is the biggest benefit to having Quore for anyone in a housekeeping role?

Liz: Having that paper trail, is a big benefit. It gives everyone the ability to keep track of everything so nothing slips between the cracks. Also being able to start and end a task in Quore so the front desk has a timeline of when that room is going to be ready. We aren’t rushed, we don’t have people radioing us constantly. It’s also a bit more secretive; with radios, guests can hear everything you’re saying. When you’re standing at the front desk and the guest is rushing you or is upset, those are things you can’t communicate over a radio. With Quore, I feel that it’s a bit classier and more secure.

Quore: How do you think it factors into guest satisfaction?

Liz: It helps get things done a lot faster. If someone radios me and asks me to do something, I don’t have that timeline of when the request was made and how long it has been. With Quore, we try to make sure all requests that come in are done within 15-30 minutes depending on the type of request so they get done in a timely manner and guests are satisfied.

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Before Quore, Liz remembers the difficulties of communication and having to rely on radios and paper messages. But now, Quore’s communication features and digital timeline allows staff at her property to communicate discretely and work together to provide guests with an enjoyable stay.

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