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We’ve Got Updates Coming to You

August 10th, 2018

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We’ve Got Updates Coming to You

We’ve been listening and working hard to bring the best service to our users. That’s why we have updated our Android App! With this update, you’ll notice some cosmetic and technical improvements, including:

Introduction to our new branding: We are slowly rolling out a new look that we feel better defines Quore as the approachable, friendly and accessible-to-all solution for hoteliers. Our new design includes playful illustrations, vibrant colors, and friendly straight-forward language, which we feel displays our goal to provide service that doesn’t add more to your day.

Improved user experience navigation: With a native footer and profile overview, the first thing you’ll see is the To Do’s page, so you’ll know immediately what tasks need to be done that day. Easily switch apps, manage your profile and On Duty status quickly from the footer of the page.

Ability to update personal information: Quickly access your settings where you can update all of your information, as well as your language preferences.

Note: Languages limited to English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Set Login preferences: Select if you want to automatically go on duty every time you log in, if you want the app to ask you first, or if you do not want to receive a notification upon log in and just change your status manually.

Quickly contact Support: Now you can contact the Quore Support Team in the app via phone or email if needed, and access the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a managed device.

New App Switcher: Move seamlessly from app to app now with the new app switcher. See all your apps on one page, and select the one you need quickly and easily.

See brand icons in the app: See your hotel brand icon, as well as the app icons in the App Switcher so you can easily spot what you need.

Stay connected modal: See the importance of making you device a managed device for improved connectivity. Having your device set up as a managed device ensures that you will have the best experience using the Quore Mobile app.

To use our app with all these updates, visit our Google Play Store page and update or download the Quore Mobile app today.

We are committed to providing all users the highest quality experience, and our Apple users will see these app changes in the near future. Stay tuned!

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