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Your All-In-One Hotel Task Management System

April 19th, 2023

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Your All-In-One Hotel Task Management System

Never forget an important task again! At Quore, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to fulfilling the needs of your hotel guests. That’s why having a hotel task management system is so important! Our To Do app makes creating work orders, requests and tasks more convenient than ever. Available on both mobile and desktop, our To Do app is perfect for every hotel department whether they’re on-the-go engineers or front desk agents.

The Importance of Staying On Top of Tasks

More and more hotels these days are employing digital solutions for age-old industry problems, like a hotel task management system. Hotels are extremely busy places and often-understaffed teams have a lot to keep track of throughout the day. Hotel task management software like Quore helps staff easily stay on top of daily tasks, which will benefit your property in many ways.

Better Efficiency

A hotel task management system helps bustling properties operate more efficiently by digitizing and streamlining the entire task management process. Instead of writing down a to do list on a post-it or a sheet of paper that can easily be lost, tracking them in an app like Quore’s To Do app helps teams stay on track with their daily workloads. Quore also offers in-app communications features, so team members can instantly relay important information instead of wasting time roaming hallways to try and track each other down.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

When hotel teams create digital to do lists, they’re far less likely to forget about important responsibilities – especially requests that can impact guest satisfaction. Some hotels that use Quore see as much as a 20% increase in guest satisfaction! Guest-initiated requests are prioritized in our system, so when one is assigned to a hotel team member, it’s a priority. That team member will get push notifications and reminders about the issue until it is completed. Increasing guest satisfaction in this way can have a big impact on your hotel’s bottom line.

More Accountability

Hotel task management systems also help teams stay accountable. Not only can employees easily keep track of their daily tasks to hold themselves accountable, but managers can see exactly how much work was completed each day. Quore’s in-depth reporting features give managers, department heads and above-property team members key insights into the work that’s being completed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. These insights can help leaders target pain points and create data-driven plans for improvement.

Task Management for Every Hotel Department!

Our motto is “smarter teams, happier guests” for a reason. Empowering teams with hotel task management systems allows them to serve guests more efficiently and with greater attention to detail that adheres to brand standards. Quore has far more solutions than just our To Do app though! We have additional tools that can help your team with things like preventative maintenance, room cleanings, inspections, budgeting and much more!

If you’re interested in seeing how your hotel can use Quore’s full suite of tools to improve operations and create happier guests, please reach out to our Sales team to ask questions or schedule a demo.

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