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How Hotel Guest Texting Boosts Guest Satisfaction

March 23rd, 2023

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How Hotel Guest Texting Boosts Guest Satisfaction

The use of technology in the hospitality industry has been on the rise in recent years, and one of the best examples of this trend is the increasing popularity of hotel guest texting. Instead of a good old-fashioned phone call, many hotels now offer guests the option to text directly with front desk agents.

Just how many hotels are jumping aboard the hotel guest texting bandwagon? Pretty much all of them! A 2023 Lodging Technology Study found that 95% of the 18,000 hoteliers surveyed “offer or plan to add two-way messaging with guests.” Pre-pandemic, guest texting was viewed as more of a novelty service, but it’s so popular now that many hotel guests not only expect it, they actually prefer it.

Another recent study found that 72% of respondents would rather book their travel with a company that communicates updates via text message, as opposed to phone calls. This real-time form of guest communication is extremely efficient and offers a more seamless experience for guests while also streamlining operations for hotels. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, then let’s walk through all of the ways that hotel guest texting can boost both guest satisfaction and staff productivity.

What are the benefits of hotel guest texting?

Two of the biggest benefits of hotel guest texting are greater convenience and efficiency. It’s much more efficient for hotel staff to text with guests because they can speak with multiple guests at a time and meet their needs faster. This allows for one front desk agent to do the work of three or more agents at once. 

Hotel guest texting increases guest satisfaction because guests are happier when their needs are being met more quickly. This helps guests feel more valued and appreciated, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased brand loyalty. Guests are more likely to stay at your hotel again if they know they’ll receive prompt service. They’re also more likely to tell their friends about it! Studies show that 61% of people would recommend their friends switch to companies that utilize guest texting services.

It’s also less of a hassle for guests to text with the front desk than to speak with an agent on the phone or walk down to the front desk to chat in person. Texting can be done on their own time and guests are more likely to communicate their needs when they know they can do it easily, with minimal effort on their part.

How Quore supports guest communication.

Quore’s Connect app allows front desk agents to do more than simply text directly with guests. Connect takes hotel guest texting to the next level by enabling agents to easily create guest requests within Quore when a guest texts the front desk with an issue. Guests-initiated requests in Quore are a high-priority task, so the team member it’s assigned to will receive push notifications and escalation alerts until the task is completed. 

Quore also integrates with many of the industry’s leading hotel guest texting applications, such as Kipsu, Akia, Whistle, GoMoment and more. With these integrations, guest messages are quickly automated into guest requests directly within Quore. This seamless front-end to back-end transition ensures that guest needs are met faster and that no issue ever gets overlooked. 

Are you interested in bringing Connect to your hotel or integrating with one of our hotel guest texting partners? Reach out to our Sales team to learn more!

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