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Quore Spotlight: Setting Up Your Hotel for Success

August 21st, 2019

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Quore Spotlight: Setting Up Your Hotel for Success

Kelly Smith always has hotels in mind-from the moment she arrives to work in the morning to the moment she leaves in the evening.

And it’s not just because she works as a Hotel Success Specialist for the world’s leading hospitality services platform. It’s also because the world of hotels is where Kelly started her professional career.

In fact, many of Quore’s Success Specialists have worked in hotels. It’s something we look for in our support team, because we believe it helps them better understand the users they communicate with on a daily basis.

Kelly knows what it’s like working behind the front desk, what it looks like to manage a team of housekeepers and what it takes to keep up with hotel event schedules and coordinate across departments. She knows the hectic day-to-day life of working in hospitality. So, every time she fields a support call here at Quore, she has those experiences in mind.

Humble, and Hospitable, Beginnings

Kelly’s very first job was at a Hilton Garden Inn. She worked as part of the Front Desk rotation and with the Food and Beverage team, with a hand in everything from guest checkins to banquet details for events. Eventually, she worked her way up until she was Assistant Director of Housekeeping at a prominent full-service hotel. She worked there for two and a half years before coming to Quore!

As the Assistant Director of Housekeeping, Kelly got to know the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to this particular department. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a full-service property, a select-service operation or a boutique hotel, housekeeping is often one of the busiest departments. Having an understanding of that helps Kelly better converse with Quore users, especially when it comes to understanding how much they have on their plate.

“I feel like I’m able to relate a little bit more to our customers, especially as we’re building hotels with them,” Kelly says.

Building out a hotel means setting up the rooms and inventory in Quore so that it’s in the system digitally and your experience with our solution is customized for your property. That way, as soon as your housekeeping team starts using Quore, they’re able to see information about each room in the hotel and all of the assets associated with each room, at any time, from anywhere! Plus, when there’s a guest request for a specific item, the team can receive instant notifications on their device and respond accordingly, without management having to physically track someone down.

Building your hotel in Quore is an easy process, but it takes some initial setup time to do it right. And Kelly knows how to best convey that. “I know that their lives are crazy busy!” she explains, “But ultimately Quore will make their jobs so much easier as long as they commit to the little bit of time it takes to build the hotel.”

Kelly says that being able to relate to what’s going on around a property allows her to know when and how to guide her users through their build. Plus, understanding the hierarchy of reporting and the details of day-to-day hotel operations helps her to better glean what users want out of Quore and how to make sure they get the most out of it.

And that’s something we champion at our company: real support that caters to your hotel’s needs.

Success for Hospitality by Hospitality

Kelly is part of a team that offers 24/7 customer support from real people. She says that, working in hotels, she remembers calling companies herself and receiving automated support lines. And that’s what most of the users she speaks to now are used to as well.

“One time someone literally called and said, ‘are you a robot?'” she laughs. “People aren’t used to getting a real person on the line!” It makes her really appreciate what she’s able to offer as a Success Specialist at Quore.

But it’s not just the human touch that makes Quore special. It’s how we approach our communications. We don’t just wait for our customers to reach out when they have a problem. We’re in constant communication with our users, making sure that they know the power of the tools they have at their disposal and, most importantly, making sure they know how to use them. We offer specialized training and coaching to ensure that our customers know the ins and outs of Quore and how to relay them to their teams.

And that’s very unique to the industry.

“When I was at my property, no other software offered webinar trainings like ours,” Kelly says.

And we’re proud to say-Quore gets that a lot! Our support team is constantly surprising and delighting our users with what we offer and how we conduct trainings, check in regularly and address questions. Our customers are thrilled with how efficient and thoughtful our Success Specialists are, and a lot of that comes from our focus on hiring support agents with hospitality backgrounds.

Our success also lies in how we generally approach support at Quore. As part of our offerings, customers are assigned a dedicated Success Specialist like Kelly as soon as they sign up. Your Success Specialist not only helps you get started in Quore, but also answers questions and provides coaching throughout your time using our solutions. Success Specialists are crucial in establishing how you tailor our products for your property, your team and your brand.

Being able to give that kind of one-on-one attention is really important to us! We think a full understanding of our tools is the best way to set your hotel up for success-and having a contact like Kelly goes a long way towards just that.

Smarter Support, Happier Hotel

Educating customers on how to use Quore is easy when you believe in what our product does: “I wish that I had had Quore when I worked in hotels!” Kelly laughs.

From building out your hotel in Quore to walking through specific product features, we’re here for you. And with 24/7 customer support, you can rest assured you’ll get a real human whenever you call and wherever you call from.

To learn more about what Quore can do for your hotel, check out our website! And don’t forget to check out our other Quore Spotlights and learn more about the people behind the software by visiting Team Quore on our blog. And, as always, if there’s anything else we can do for you, you can contact us.

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